Shin Ha Kyun Looks Bright In The Released Character Poster Of KBS2 TV’s “Soul Mechanic”

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KBS 2 TV’s Soul Mechanic is coming soon to bring in a bundle of happiness

On April 6, KBS 2 TV confirmed the premiere date of upcoming drama Soul Mechanic. They also released the character poster of the main protagonist Lee Si Jun played by Shin Ha Kyun.

Fix You

Penned by Lee Hyang Hee and directed by Yoo Hyun Ki, Fix You is a medical drama that tells the story of psychiatrists and their patients. The drama is centered around the theme of happiness. The cast line-up includes Shin Ha Kyun, Jung So Min, Tae In Ho, Park Ye Jin, and Jo Min Kyung.

Shin Ha Kyun plays a passionate and a geeky psychiatrist, Lee Si Jun, who works hard in mending people’s broken hearts. While taking on the role of a female lead, Jung So Min plays Han Woo Joo, a rising musical actress.

Shin Ha Kyun Fix You

The released character poster features Lee Si Jun, the psychiatrist who will ease the minds of the viewers as well as the patients who visits his hospital. The expressive smile and warm eyes of the protagonist Lee Si Jun provides a healing visual. He dons a comfortable look pairing a pink sweater with sneakers while holding a large bag.

The poster radiates a bright energy depicting the happiness that Lee Si Jun will bring forth to people around him.

The production team said, “On May 6, the treatment of doctor, Lee Si Jun, who has nobody in the world begins. We would like to ask for a lot of anticipation for Shin Ha Kyun’s treatment process in Soul Mechanic.”

This heartwarming drama is scheduled to premiere on May 6 at 10 pm KST timeslot on KBS 2 TV replacing Meow, The Secret Boy.

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Images and Video Credit: KBS 2 TV