Shin Ye Eun Shyly Smiles In Adorable Poster Of KBS2 Drama “Myeow The Secret Boy”

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Shin Ye Eun will surely brighten your day with her bubbly smile in recent teaser photo

KBS2 TV releases an adorable poster of Shin Ye Eun for new drama Myeow The Secret Boy. Soon to broadcast on March 25, the new series is a romantic comedy that depicts the story of a woman who stumbled upon a cat who can transform into a cat.

The new character poster teases audiences as it releases a picture showing Shin Ye Eun’s timid but friendly smile.

On February 24, the third teaser of Myeow The Secret Boy features its female lead in vibrant yellow poster and exudes a very bright aura.

Previously, the first poster was revealed flashing an adorable white cat in red scarf. The word “Welcome” behind the cat was written in different languages.

Thereafter, Kim Myung Soo’s teaser poster was then revealed showing his delightful smile wearing a blue hoodie.

Particularly, Shin Ye Eun breaks out as a rookie star in 2019 after teenage romance web drama A-TEEN’S popularity. In fact, she received a lot of love recognition because of her skills. Thus, this raise more expectations for her much – awaited comeback after starring her drama He is Psychometric alongside with GOT7’s Jinyoung.

Shin Ye Eun as Kim Sol Ah in the teaser photo poses vibrantly in a sunny yellow hoodie. Characterized for her timid look holding onto her sleeves, it does not hide the fact her eyes are full of love, compassion and life supplemented by her sweet smile.

Literally, the caption “Do you know other people’s mind?” in the photo implicates her role as someone who sympathizes and understands  people’s thoughts.

The teaser photo was filmed at Paju, Gyeonggi-do on January 24. It is reported that the actress recurred in the shooting scene with a radiant smile and luminous aura. As a result, the atmosphere of the scene was lifted.

Moreover, the innocent and bubbly vibe that Shin Ye Eun exudes gave the production team an idea on how to make use of the plain yellow hoodie she wears but with artistry. As a result, she carefully grips the hoodie hat and sleeves which some may interpret as hidden message.

Accordingly, the production team regarded Shin Ye Eun as an actress who openly expresses various emotions perfectly. Therefore, she can be the perfect fit for Kim Sol Ah’s character.

The attributes of Kim Sol Ah in the drama characterized as someone who should feel the love and further relationships with other people requires excellent portrayal which they believe Shin Ye Eun possesses.

Meanwhile, Myeow The Secret Boy will air for the first time on KBS2 TV starting March 25 at 10 p.m. KST.

Source: Sports Chosun

Image Credit: KBS2 TV