K-Drama Sneak Peek: “Perfume” Promises To Bring A Fantastic Scent Of Romance

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KBS2 is all set to launch its newest fantasy drama, Perfume.

The network pooled together some of the hottest stars in Korea for its new offering – Perfume. Heightening the romance feels for 2019, KBS2’s fantasy-romance drama looks every bit unique and promising.

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The Scent of “Perfume”

Seo Yi Do is a talented fashion designer. He’s classy, handsome and gifted. Only, Yi Do has 52 kinds and phobias and 35 allergies. Thus, his life can be a tad difficult. Meanwhile, Min Jae Hee is an ordinary woman whose family gets destroyed. Jae Hee finds a mysterious perfume that’s going to change her appearance and turn her into a beautiful woman.

In stills released by KBS2, lead stars Seo Yi Do (Shin Sung Rok) and Min Ye Rin (Go Won Hee) are outdoors. The scene’s most attractive feature is Ye Rin’s beautiful curly locks and the fact she’s standing in the middle of the river. Yi Do’s fashionable outfit commands attention as well. What’s hilarious is Yi Do’s look of disdain on his face as he gazes at Ye Rin.

Perfume KBS2

In another teaser posted by KBS, the couple meet again. This time they run into each other in the evening. It looks like Yi Do is shocked by Ye Rin, as surprise is written all over his face.

Perfume KBS2

Furthermore, the teasers KBS posted on their YouTube channel also feature Yi Do as he premieres the Yi Do collection. However, it’s not real as Ye Rin walks in and shakes him out of his reverie.

Perfume premieres on KBS on June 5, following My Fellow Citizens.