K-Drama Sneak Peek: Kim Dong Wook Veers Away From Typical K-Drama Character As “Special Labor Inspector Jo”

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Overflowing with interesting characters, Special Labor Inspector Jo has enticed with its overall picture through a parade of teasers.

Set to premiere on April 8, Special Labor Inspector Jo has tapped formidable actors ready to lead viewers to an exciting new world. MBC’s newest offering covers action and drama, with hints of satire and comedy.

Special Labor Inspector Jo

Backing up the production are director Park Won Gook (Ruler: Master of the Mask) and writer Kim Ban Di (Angry Mom). Based on the collated teasers gathered from MBC, here are reasons why you should add this new series to your K-Drama watchlist.

An encounter with a new K-Drama Hero

Taking the viewers to a different career world, the series will give an immersing experience to the world where labor inspectors will be introduced. Often, we meet doctors, lawyers and detectives in dramas we watched through the years. This time around, a labor inspector will be featured to present the reality and disputes dealt with in the labor sector of South Korea.

Portraying the titular role is Kim Dong Wook, who last worked on acclaimed OCN thriller The Guest. For his role as a labor inspector, Kim will shed light on what the job entails as a special judicial officer of the Ministry of Labor. With that, Kim’s character is in charge to oversee the implementation of working conditions stipulated in the Labor Standards Act and to arrest employers when unfair labor practices are detected.

Exploring a new profession in an underdog story tone will pique any K-Drama fan’s interest. Having Kim Dong Wook on board to breathe life to the hero adds excitement to the plot’s interesting milieu.

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Meet the Lead Characters

Suiting up as Jo Jin Gap, Kim Dong Wook leads the bromance pack in Special Labor Inspector Jo. He was a former Physical Education teacher and a promising Judo athlete who protested against unfair competition. From there, he worked as a teacher until he passed the civil servant exam. His new determination is to live a peaceful life as a labor inspector. However, he discovers the unfair, unjust use of power by the officials. Unable to stand it, he goes back to his former self to fight against corruption.

Through his new job, he also meets his former students Chun Duk Goo and Woo Do Ha, who will be portrayed by Kim Kyung Nam and Ryu Deok Hwan respectively. Billed as an engaging bromance to look forward to, the chemistry of the teacher to his former students while working on labor cases is one of the key points of the series.

Rounding up the main cast is Park Se Young, who will be making her comeback since Money Flower. The beautiful actress is gearing up to give yet another remarkable performance by playing the role of Joo Mi Ran. Her character was married to Jo Jin Gab during his career as a successful judo athlete. However, problems arise when Jo Jin Gab fights against the injustice over a fixed judo match.

Special Labor Investigator Jo premieres on April 8 via MBC.


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