The So Ji Sub 101 Guide To Set Your Groove Right For “Hello,” Tour In Manila

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Achieving top actor status is a fruit of hard work for So Ji Sub.

Overshadowed by fellow actors in the first few years of his career, So Ji Sub turned the table and has been impressing with smart projects over two decades since his debut.

Moreover, he has surprised fans with his other artistic side in music and even written works.

His enigmatic presence continuously draws his followers who have only seen his facade as an artist.

One of the very few actors, who keeps a low key social media presence, So Ji Sub in a way turned it to his advantage. Because he can only be seen in television, music, and films, seldom on variety show guesting, the clamor to peel off his layers has been a favorite hobby of his supporters.

That’s why in his most recent drama, My Secret Terrius, his loud and closet fans must have been in consistent bliss to see the actor in swoony, casual, serious and comic faces.

So Ji Sub


Prepare for a pretty slouch as we let you renew your faith to your favorite actor — So Ji Sub!

Swag on his rapping stage!

We are definitely with him! There’s just something luring on So Ji Sub’s deep voice when he raps smoothly at beat drops.

When fans dreamt of just a happy-ever-after in his arms, they did not foresee that his music swagger is a certified unimaginable bliss.

After releasing two singles in 2008 under monicker G, he formalizes his music journey in 2011 by releasing “Pick Up Line” under his screen name So Ji Sub.

A year after, he produced his first extended play with CJ E&M titled, Corona Borealis featuring artists Mellow, Huhgak and Bobby Kim.

In the next two years, So’s second and third EPs were launched. Younha, Mellow, Saetbyeol and Soul Dive lent their talents for the project. Treating his fans with flashy music videos, So Ji Sub ran three years of his music with mini albums 6pm… Ground and 18 Years.

In 2015, “So Ganzi” was released in black and white versions, and was participated by Soul Dive and New Day.

After a two-year hiatus, he returned with a quick music gift for his fans with “Are You With Me?” And most fans responded, they are definitely are.

Solid on Small & Big Screens

In a span of 24 years, So Ji Sub has mastered reinventing himself as an actor. At 41 years of age, his prominence is still shining without a sign of waning.

Proving that tenacity and pacing contribute to a stable career path, So Ji Sub took a long route before achieving his reliable top star status. Debuted in 1995, after a few supporting and bit roles, he finally broke mainstream popularity through I’m Sorry, I Love You.

Classic Korean Dramas


Prior to that, he also gave an unforgettable second-lead syndrome in classic SBS melodrama, Something Happened in Bali.

Since then, he has alternately worked on action films and dramas such as Rough Cut, Road No. 1, Cain and Abel, A Company Man and Ghost.

Revealing his lighter side in the endearing and healing melodrama Always opposite Han Hyo Joo, So Ji Sub took in the role of an ex-boxer who falls in love with a blind woman.


photocredit: Showbox

With a strong image of a go-to action hero, So Ji Sub made a surprising move when he starred in SBS’ highly-popular series, The Master’s Sun. The actor enjoyed a second wave of resurgence for his memorable portrayal of a CEO who falls in love with a woman who sees ghosts.

The Master's Sun


After wrapping up his three-year music stint, buffed So Ji Sub inspired ladies suffering from weight problems in Oh My Venus with Shin Min Ah.

Following his switching small and big screen ventures, he appeared in blockbuster film The Battleship Island in 2017 and My Secret Terrius in 2018.

Marking his first variety show, So Ji Sub joined Park Shin Hye in tvN’s off the grid living variety program, Little Cabin in the Woods.

Bonus: A cute blast from the actor’s past

So Ji Sub has also been once a music show host in MBC’s Music Camp with Chae Rim circa 1999. Channeling the 90s fashion and vibe, the actor’s fabulous hairstyle is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

So Ji Sub


Being a top actor required patience and diligence for So Ji Sub. Amidst the accolades and awards, we see an actor unafraid of exploring his artistic sides. Behind his gentle smile is a genuine warmth — mirrored by the victories he achieved in the limelight and solace he enjoys in his private life.

Embarking on his 2019 Asia tour, the Korean stud intends to strike the most memorable HELLO for his fans who has been rooting for him in over 20 years.

Kicking off in Taipei on February 10. He will also meet his supporters in Japan through shows in Chiba on February 20 and 21 and in Kobe on February 23.

The heartthrob will bring his tour in Bangkok on March 2, in Jakarta on March 9, and in Hong Kong on March 10. He will cap it off in Manila on March 16.

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Ticket selling to Manila leg begins on February 3 at 12 noon at TicketNet online and outlets.

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