Son Ho Jun’s Special Cameo In “The Uncanny Counter” Set To Heighten The Thrill As The Series Nears Finale

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Nearing to its closure, The Uncanny Counter’s finale weekend could not be more star-studded with Son Ho Jun’s presence.

As if the engrossing plot and the impeccable character portrayals weren’t enough to keep The Uncanny Counter from breaking rating records, Son Ho Jun‘s upcoming cameo further intensifies the rave.

The actor’s special appearance on the 15th episode serves as a sweet send off for the drama which has made history as OCN’s highest rated series. In addition, his cameo is drawing attention as it could give a preview of a possible follow through season.

A Long-Lost Teammate?

Son Ho Jun

In a short trailer released by OCN for Episode 15, Son Ho Jun was shown donning a black leather jacket and immersed in a dangerous encounter with the villains. He will suit up for the character of another “counter” (demon-hunter) with a special healing ability.

To heighten the excitement, OCN also released still cuts of Son Ho Jun. The first photo captures his meeting with fellow counters, So Moon (Jo Byeong Gyu) and Ga Mo Tak (Yoo Joon Sang). So Moon is pictured looking perplexed as he gets to cross paths with an unknown counter. Ga Mo Tak, on the other hand, looks relieved which signifies familiarity between him and Son Ho Jun’s character.

The second photo shows Son Ho Jun in a tension-filled scene with Mayor Shin Myeong Hwi (Choi Kwang Il), the cunning politician who stands as the principal villain in the series.

Son Ho Jun

The teaser photos are enough to draw excitement and curiosity from the legion of fans wanting to get a glimpse of the finale. It would be interesting to know how his character would impact the story’s ending.

Son Ho Jun finished filming his part on January 4. However, he did not disclose any details about his role in the series until the finale teaser video was released.

Just days ago, a controversy arose in the production process with the original writer’s sudden replacement past mid-series. Nevertheless, fans can still expect a consistent momentum of thrill in the remaining couple of episodes.

The Uncanny Counter will air its final two episodes on January 23-24 via OCN. The series is also available for streaming worldwide via Netflix.

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