Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Jun & More Sketch A Complicated Love Story In “Was It Love?” Character Posters

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Was It Love? delights the viewers by giving a glimpse of the characters’ colorful lives, whirling in a chain of romance and love interests.

On June 5, jTBC released a colorful and warm character posters of the casts; Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Jun, Kim Min Jun, Song Jong Ho, Koo Ja Sung and Kim Da Som.

jTBC’s upcoming Wednesday & Thursday drama Was It Love? revolves around a woman being the love interest of four different men at the same time. From the bad yet attractive writer, the cheerful and handsome actor, young and passionate man, and sexy yet scary CEO, a chain of love from the four different men will soon complicate her once solitary life.

Was It Love? Characters

Song Ji Hyo as Noh Ae Jeong

Noh Ae Jeong (Song Ji Hyo) welcomes everyone with her bright smile. Her carefree look and lighthearted vibe completely contradicts with the way she lived her life.

She is a single mother and a producer of a film company. Noh Ae Jung has a firm mindset and remains resolute despite the hardships, which is reflected with the poster saying “I am still Noh Ae Jung.”

Four men will suddenly appear in her life that give her affection, leading to dynamic changes in her 14-year passionless romantic life. Will the flower road of love unfold in front of her “no affection” life?

Was it Love?

Son Ho Jun as Oh Dae Oh

Oh Dae Oh (Son Ho Jun) is the the bad yet attractive guy and the ex-boyfriend of Noh Ae Jung. He is the foolish lover in the relationship, but rises as an excellent and top star writer.

The reason of being labeled as the bad guy among the men in Noh Ae Jung’s life is still indefinite. While his poster says “I want to ask everything, everything about you for 14 years”, it can be hard for viewers to imagine why he was dubbed as the bad guy.

Was it Love?

Song Jong Ho as Ryu Jin

Ryu Jin (Song Jong Ho) unleashed his top actor pose that screams perfection. He will appear as the cheerful and handsome guy and one of the love interests of Noh Ae Jung. Ryu Jin was also involved in Noh Ae Jung’s love history fourteen years ago.

The poster reads “I won’t ask for anything, all I want is to be beside her and protect her”, foreshadowing his unyielding love. Anticipation and interests rise on how he will win the love of his life.

Was it Love?

Koo Ja Sung as Oh Yeon Woo

Oh Yeon Woo (Koo Ja Sung) is the young man vying for the interest of his noona (older woman) Noh Ae Jeong.

As the poster says “How can I forget noona, Noh Ae Jeong!”, as Oh Yeon Woo makes the hearts of  women (especially the ones older than him) flutter.

Staying true to the phrase “A man’s first love follows him to the grave”, he still couldn’t give his heart to anyone else yet. Seeing that he still hasn’t forgotten his affection, fans should look forward to the bewildering maneuver of the young and passionate man.

Was it Love?

Kim Min Jun as Koo Pa Do

Koo Pa Do (Kim Min Joon) is the CEO of Nine Capital, and a scary but sexy guy. He gets attracted to Noh Ae Jung’s exquisite and alluring beauty.

The two met as a film producer and an investor, directly reflecting the poster saying  “I’m investing in you”. Anticipation rises with how Koo Pa Do will win the heart of Noh Ae Jeong, given that the relationship between them was strictly as business partners only.

Was it Love?

Kim Da Som as Joo Ah Rin

Joo Ah Rin (Kim Da Som) is the actress dubbed as “First Love of Asia”, and the counterpart of the top star Ryu Jin (Song Jong Ho). Despite winning the people’s hearts, she actually wanted only one person, Oh Dae Oh.

Indicating her long-time affection for Oh Dae Oh, her poster reads  “Why don’t you look at me then and now?” It also reflects her desire of becoming a single person’s love.

Questions and curiosities arise about how Joo Ah Rin’s character will affect the 4:1 romance of Noh Ae Jung with four different men.

Was it Love?

Was It Love? will air its first episode on July 8 at 9:30 PM KST via jTBC.

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