“Soul Mechanic” Promises A Well-Made Drama About People And Mental Health

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KBS 2TV’s newest medical drama will have a different take on a familiar story plot

Soul Mechanic is attracting attention of drama fans as it puts a spotlight on a certain issue that is prevalent, yet a lot still left to be learned. Starring Shin Ha Kyung and Jung So Min, the series follows the stories of psychiatrists and their patients.

Soul Mechanic

Centered on the spirit of positivity and happiness, Soul Mechanic aims to tell the stories of doctors who believe in the concept of “healing” rather than “treating” patients.

Unlike other medical dramas, KBS 2TV’s latest offering will present a heartwarming story to somehow help understand the people with psychiatric conditions and the doctors who work with them.

Soul Mechanic

Capturing the interest of viewers are the continuous release of teaser videos that shows light, comforting and serious themes. In one of the teasers released, Han Woo Joo (Jung So Min) is describing things to Lee Shi Joon (Shin Ha Kyung) by making strange sounds and wondering if she is an insane person. Lee Shi Joon tells her that she is not a “crazy person but a sick one”. The scene is quite funny, but his response offers comfort.

Moreover, the drama wants to erase the negative view associated to people with mental health issues. The production wants to convey the message that those with mental health concerns are also humans and not that different. The drama hopes to change that perception as easily and comfortably through the narrative.

Soul Mechanic

PD Yoo Hyun Ki (Matrimonial Chaos) is directing and writer Lee Hyang Hee (My Lawyer, Mr. Joe, War of Money) is taking on the scriptwriting duties.

Soul Mechanic will have its first broadcast on May 6 following the conclusion of Welcome.

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