Nam Joo Hyuk Aims To Prove His “Wonderful” Potential To Kim Seon Ho In “Start-Up” Episode 3

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Living for Do-san and Ji-pyeong’s bromance for the duration of Start-Up is not a bad idea!

While it is hinted that romance lines will happen eventually in the series, the secondary relationships are making Start-Up a really enjoyable watch. Additionally, every small joy or big accomplishments achieved by Samsan Tech nerds easily puts a smile on a viewer’s face.

It is the same way as how the resilient sisters Dal-mi and In-jae make us also want to push them in pursuing their own dreams, since we are still a bit hung up on their father’s unrealized dream.

Signaling the main characters goals to work on their own dreams, the relationships among Do-san, Dal-mi, Ji-pyeong and In-jae are looking ahead to more intertwining connections.

Moving to the direction of entering Sandbox, a cradle of start-up companies, they are all set to create and fulfil their own beautiful moments as owners of their own businesses.

Start-Up Episode 3 Afterthoughts

The scene where the four main leads are seen entering Sandbox sums up the concrete problems to be featured in the series through their perspectives.

“I want to take the higher level elevator.”

“I don’t want to be seen as a chewed-up gum.

“I want to turn a misunderstanding to a reality.”

“I Want to repay my debt.”


The start of following dreams…

Start-Up has fully reeled an interesting pitch this episode. It is really living up to its intention of showing characters chasing their very own dreams. I can’t wait to see how the four lead characters sail to leave more lessons on braving the odds to kick off their start-up businesses, while finding their own purpose.

Episode 4 preview looks all ready to wake Dal-mi about her misconception on Do-san. It is also piquing interest on the residency program that will be hosted at Sandbox. Let’s sincerely hope to have the narrative more focused on bringing out its message of how youth nurture their dreams than highlighting the romance layer.

That’s because the setting will bring out the individual charms and talents of the lead cast, and I don’t think love moments would highlight it further since we’ve all seen them prove their prowess to draw heart-flutters in the previous dramas they starred in.

It would be more amazing for them to really draw a youth empowering theme – presenting budding business careers becomes more life-affirming when draped with diligent effort and consistent goal to improve and be the best.

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