Stephanie Lee Endearingly Charms In Her New Role For MBC Drama “When I Was The Most Beautiful”

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Fully armed with bold and honest charm, Stephanie Lee made quite an impression in her When I Was The Most Beautiful appearance!

Stephanie Lee has set a mark on Ji Soo as her character introduced herself in When I Was The Most Beautiful. The series has continuously impressed the viewers from its opening week with an affecting romance story. Also starring in the main leads are Im Soo Hyang and Ha Seok Jin.

Reeling the viewers with her genuine and adorable charm, Stephanie Lee announced her first impact for the role of Amber.

In the 3rd week broadcast of the series, Stephanie Lee announced her first impact for the role of Amber, a Korean-American student studying at the same university as Hwan (Ji Soo).

Amber, who invited Hwan to the party, keeps looking at Hwan. Eventually, she goes outside and approaches Hwan, who was checking the social media posts of Ye Ji (Im Soo Hyang). Unable to resist Hwan’s adorable state of having beer bubbles on his lips, Amber wipes it and mischievously steals a kiss from him.

Going for another peck, Hwan put on his guard. Feeling surprised, Amber gives a weird expression. “Are you gay?,” she asked?
Explaining how her straightforward act does not follow the typical Korean norm, he explained how the kiss usually comes after relationship confirmation.

With that explanation, Amber playfully smiled and declared to comply in Korean dating standars. Hence, she cutely asserted that their first day of their relationship is sealed that day.

Warning him that she does not like taking things slow like how Korean dramas show a kiss after 16 episodes, she hints for him to brace himself about it. Feeling embarrassed, Hwan tells her that she’s too drunk and asked her to end the party. She refused leaving Hwan a decision to call it a night for him.

Stephanie Lee

Captivating viewers with her endearing attitude, Stephanie Lee showcased 200% of Amber’s charisma. Her candid attitude and lovely smile further invites viewers to how her character will evolve in the story.

Watch more of the beautiful actress’ new role in MBC’s mini series When I Was the Most Beautiful. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Lee, who recently signed an exclusive contract with VAST Entertainment, preps up for more performances in various fields. She is also set to join tvN’s eagerly-awaited revolutionary drama, Start-Up in October.

PR Source: VAST Entertainment
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