“Sweet Home Season 2” Unveils Main Trailer

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Netflix has released the main trailer for Sweet Home Season 2, featuring a powerful story set in an expanding world and introducing a diverse array of characters.

In a world where desire turns monstrous, Sweet Home Season 2 follows Green Home survivors and Hyun-su as they fight to survive in new places, while otherworldly beings and mysterious phenomena emerge.

Opening with Dr. Lim’s ominous narration that “mankind is a virus, and monsters are the vaccine,” the trailer shows that an unprecedented outbreak of monsterization has plunged the world into chaos, as people are engulfed by the fear that anyone can turn into a monster at any time. Having barely managed to escape Green Home, the residents gather in the stadium, a new settlement for survivors, who are protected by The Crow Platoon, a military unit specializing in handling monsters. Meanwhile, Hyun-su heads to the Bamseom Emergency Management Bureau, where vaccine research is underway, to end this disaster after struggling in his state of being between human and monster.

The trailer hints at an expanded story, exploring the question of who the real monster is in a world overrun by evolved monsters and desires, controlled by fear and mistrust.

The cast also highlighted key elements to look out for in the new season. Ko Min-si pointed out “the introduction of upgraded monsters and various new characters,”) while Jinyoung emphasized the “enhanced scale and details of the story.”. Lee Jin-uk encouraged viewers to “watch closely for how the survivors gradually become divided and conflicted,” and Oh Jung-se mentioned the excitement of “unpredictable developments in the story.” Song Kang remarked, “I think Sweet Home is about human nature. It will give you plenty to think about.”

Sweet Home Season 2 premieres on December 1, only on Netflix.

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