The Cast Of “Hospital Playlist” Showcases Incredible Energies In Latest Stills

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tvN dropped new stills from Hospital Playlist which gives a behind-the-scene glimpse of the actors.

The cast members of Hospital Playlist are having a great time off-screen. On March 6, tvN revealed a delightful scene stills of the actors. The behind stills consist of the heartwarming scenes between the actors as they blended together.

Hospital Playlist Stills

In the first still, Jo Jung Seok and Kim Dae Myung display their bromance as they play best friends in the drama. In the photos, they seem to be having a heart-to-heart conversation and look happy together.

Jeon Mi Do on the other hand, makes the surroundings bright with her pleasant smile. The actress serves as a bubbling energizer towards everyone present in the set.

Additionally, Jung Kyung Ho appears passionate with his work as he meticulously monitors through the screen. While Yoo Yeon Seok shows his friendly self as he interacts with a child actors, at the same time displaying a tender look.

Hospital Playlist Stills

Hospital Playlist is a culmination of daily life stories of the people in a hospital. The drama primarily focuses on the journey of five friends, who have stayed close in their 20-year medical career. Actors Jo Jung Seok, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Nyeong, and Jeon Mi Do show their amazing acting performances while also supporting each other.

Jeon Mi Do, who is unfamiliar with medical drama scenes, maintains a friendly atmosphere for everyone, and is in charge of giving reactions. Whereas Yoo Yeon Seok, who is experienced in medical dramas, takes care of explaining the medical terms to the cast.

The production crew said, “It’s an incredibly perfect chemistry for the five actors who have met for the first time. It seems to be as interesting and the on-site atmosphere is pleasant. You can look forward to the drama.”

Hospital Playlist is set to premiere via tvN and Netflix on March 12.

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