Lee Min Ho Wants Kim Go Eun In His World In The 2nd Video Teaser Of “The King: Eternal Monarch”

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The King: Eternal Monarch flashes its main leads in its scenic second video trailer

A surprise hug, a warm gaze and an invitation between Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun hint the hefty romance to expect in The King: Eternal Monarch.

The King: Eternal Monarch

On March 11, SBS unveiled another video snippet of its highly-anticipated series. In the video, Lee Min Ho’s character Lee Gon is shown riding a white horse and disappearing in a forest.

Another scene shows him embracing Kim Go Eun’s character Jung Tae Eul, who was perplexed on the hug she received from the stranger.

The scene shifts to a beautiful Autumn picture. Lee gazes warmly at the sight of Kim fixing her hair. At the next scene, Lee Gon faces Tae Eul. “Come with me, to my world,” he says.

The King: Eternal Monarch

Based on the initial story sketch, the series features two settings following its parallel universe concept. It is also billed to showcase romantic moments for the main leads.

Aside from its lead pair, Woo Do Hwan (Tempted) and Jung Eun Chae (The Guest) are expected to provide vibrancy to the story through their characters.

The King: Eternal Monarch

Set to play two characters, Lee Min Ho suits up as Korean emperor who is trying to close the dimension to ward off the villain intent to wreak havoc in the kingdom he leads.

His other role in the parallel world struggles to protect the people he loves from the projected antagonist.

Following Lee Min Ho’s dual portrayal, the same challenge will be tackled by Kim Go Eun. She suits up for contrasting characters in the two parallel words.

In Korean empire she portrays criminal Luna. Meanwhile, in the Republic of Korea world, she is Jung Tae Eul, a detective who will team up with Lee Min Ho’s character Lee Gon.

Previously, SBS released its first teaser featuring Lee Min Ho. It has swept real-time search ranking proving the anticipation from the fans.

The King: Eternal Monarch will be broadcast in April.

Source: SBS

Image Credit: Screencapture from SBS

The King: Eternal Monarch

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