Ji Soo, Kim So Hyun, Kang Ha Neul Top-Bill High-Profile Historical Drama “The Moon Rising River”

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Some of the biggest Hallyu names of this generation are coming together to weave an unforgettable period drama.

The upcoming historical series, 달이 뜨는 강  The Moon Rising River (literal translation), is already stirring anticipation as the star-studded line up of casts was revealed.

The Page Turner romantic pair of  Ji Soo, and Kim So Hyun reunites as the lead characters for this series. Kang Ha Neul, Lee Ji Hoon, and Choi Yu Hwa will also render their exceptional artistic performances as supporting characters.

The Moon Rising River

With the actors’ impressive acting skills and stellar presence, the drama is already drawing excitement and curiosity from prospective viewers.

The Moon Rising River is a love story adaptation of the famous Goguryeo folktale characters, Pyeonggang and Ondal. The narrative will revolve around the tragic fate of Ondal who once dreamed of becoming a Taewang (the greatest king). However, his life ended by sacrificing his heart for peace.

The production team shared that the epic story of the beloved folktale lovers will be told in a whole different light.

Rough Character Sketch

Ondal (Ji Soo)

Ji Soo


After so much anticipation, Ji Soo recently confirmed his participation in the series as he takes the role of Ondal. Known in the Korean folktale as “Ondal The Fool”, he is the story’s main protagonist.

His character will depict his rise in social status from being a commoner to a well-respected figurehead in Sunnobu, Goguryeo Kingdom. With natural leadership skills and strong inclination to non-violent means, he will become a beloved leader in the entire Goguryeo Kingdom. However, he will eventually develop a desperate love that will bring him to a battle against his own principles.

Ji Soo has already carved his name as one of the brightest stars of his generation. His performance in the recently concluded melodrama, When I Was The Most Beautiful, has proven his capability to top-bill high-profile series.

Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So Hyun)

Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun, will portray the role of Pyeonggang. She was born as a Goguryeo princess and lived her life as majestic royalty in Salsu. Trying to save Goguryeo Kingdom from an impending collapse, Kim So Hyun will depict an intelligent and graceful female leader.

Historical series have been a quintessential part of the young actress’ blossoming career after landing on lead roles for period dramas such as Tale Of Nokdu and The Emperor: Owner Of The Mask.

On-hyeop (Kang Ha Neul)

Kang Ha Neul

Kang Ha Neul will portray the character of On-hyeop, Ondal’s father. As the chieftain of the Sunnobu region in Goguryeo Kingdom, he was a revered general of the people who received support and loyalty from the masses. On-hyeop’s role will pave the way for the major narrative progression at the start of the drama.

Enjoying the peak of his career, Kang Ha Neul has been sweeping awards this year with his acclaimed performance in When The Camellia Blooms.

Go Geun (Lee Ji Hoon)

Lee Ji Hoon

Lee Ji Hoon will portray the role of Go Geon, Goguryeo’s elite general. Embodying the characteristics of a man with a powerful rank in the kingdom, he has the capability to mobilize people through his words. Vowing to achieve ultimate peace for the kingdom, he enters into a fierce battle with peace and order at stake.

After his exceptional presence in previous projects such as Woman Of 9.9 Billion and Dinner Mate, Lee Ji Hoon promises to deliver another unforgettable performance in this upcoming series.

Hae Mo Yong (Choi Yu Hwa)

Choi Yu Hwa

Rounding up the top-notch line up of stars is Choi Yu Hwa. The actress will suit up for the role of Hae Mo Yong. The story sketches her character as a beautiful woman who possesses a special foresight and keenness to details. However, she conceals an important secret.

Choi Yu Hwa’s addition to the project will surely add a strong impact in the drama. She is currently showing impressive performance in the suspense thriller, My Dangerous Wife, as a cunning mistress.

Pleased with the top-notch ensemble of actors, the production team shared their thoughts about casting prized talents, “We have completed a lineup with 100% synchronization rate as if the characters in the script actually came to life. We focused on casting with a solid acting ability and chemistry between characters.”

Although set more than a thousand years ago, the team are hoping that this drama will create a positive impact and value in the current society. “We hope you can look forward to seeing how you will draw the love story with positive message and impression to convey to our current society.”

The brilliant minds behind this much-awaited period drama are director Yoon Sang Ho (Saimdang Light’s Diary and Kingmaker: The Change Of Destiny) and writer Han Ji Hoon (Time Between Dogs and Wolf and Woman Of 9.9 Billion).

The Moon Rising River is scheduled to air sometime in 2021.

Source: Sports Donga

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