Yoo In Na Introduces Suspicious Husbands Eric Mun & Lim Ju Hwan In “The Spies Who Loved Me” Teasers

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MBC’s new drama The Spies Who Loved Me rolls teasers in true autumn romantic colors!

Top-billed by Eric Mun, Yoo In Na and Lim Ju Hwan, sweet tricks already burst in teasers revealed for The Spies Who Loved Me.

Directed by Lee Jae Jin (The Banker, All Kinds of Daughter-in-Law), the series will be penned by acclaimed screenwriter Lee Ji Min. Her works include films The Man Standing Next, Forbidden Dream and The Age of Shadows to name a few. Notably, the new MBC series will be his first project on small screen.

The Spies Who Loved Me is billed as a romantic comedy between two secret husbands and a woman caught in a spy war. It promises to give pleasant smile and excitement for the viewers.

Launching its first video trailer, the series raises anticipation as the main leads give a peek on their quirky love entanglement story. Set to portray the female lead, Yoo In Na was revealed preparing a wedding dress. She narrates how “marriage is about spying, pretending to be deceived and believing no matter what”.

Making their appearance in the teaser video, Eric Mun and Lim Ju Hwan equally look both ravishing in their spy personas highlighted by a James Bond gun barrel sequence. Then, it ends to a quick snap of Yoo In Na holding sharp scissors asking the two men to tell her the truth.

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The Two Husbands of Kang Ah Reum

Previously, the first teaser poster was also unveiled featuring the three actors. Interpol secret agent Jeon Ji-hoon (Eric Mun) disguises as a travel writer. His eyes emit sharp a sharp gleam hard not to notice.

Exuding soft charisma, wedding dress designer Kang Ah-reum (Yoo In Na), looks sleek in white suit. She definitely lives up to a don’t-mess-with-me attitude. Drawing attention with his enigmatic vibe, industrial spy Derek Hyun (Lim Joo Hwan), hides his dangerous side with a faint smile.

Further enticing the audience with their entanglement is the cryptic phrase, “my husbands are suspicious”. The expressive stares and vibrant colors induce an attractive energy The Spies Who Loved Me aims to achieve on its trajectory.

Rom-com King Eric Mun transforms into Ah-reum’s first husband Ji-hoon. After a fated meeting they get married happily. But, their relationship faced twists and turns that led to a divorce.

She then married her second husband Derek Hyun. Ah-reum couldn’t ask for more having a sweet and well-mannered husband. His only fixation is his passion for his work as an industrial spy which she doesn’t know about.

However, Ji-hoon reunites with Ah-reum because of an unexpected incident. Thus, the perfect married life Derek Hyun built, begins to shake.

Backing up The Spies Who Loved Me is Story&Pictures production team. The company is recognized for notable works including Misty and Romance is a Bonus Book.

The series will be aired for the first time on MBC in October.

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