“The World Of The Married” Breaks Own Viewership Ratings Record + Whirlwind Of Emotions In Episode 14

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Episode 14 of The World Of The Married was an emotional rollercoaster ride with the ending scene as the main highlight of this episode.

The World Of The Married continues with its series of surprises. In the latest episode, Kim Hee Ae’s character, Ji Sun Woo faces the truth in the hell of loss and receives an awakening. A tearjerker, the episode resonated with the viewers and made a jump in viewership ratings as well.

The World of the Married

As per Nielsen Korea, the 14th episode of the jTBC drama recorded 24.3% nationwide and 26.8% in the metropolitan area marking its highest viewership rating.

In the latest events of the drama, Ji Sun Woo makes a move for her son, Lee Joon Young (Jeon Jin Seo). While, the world of Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon) and Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee) who were obsessed with protecting their families, eventually collapsed.

Ji Sun Woo’s despair

The irreversible wounds incurred on Lee Joon Young makes Ji Sun Woo decide to leave the town. After resigning from her job, she disappears completely and no one knows about her whereabouts.

It is then revealed that Ji Sun Woo visited her former colleague, Ma Gang Suk (Park Chung Seon). Disclosing the hardships that she had to endure, Ji Sun Woo laments on how in trying to protect everything that is dear to her, she lost everything. She says that out of everything, what hurt the most was Joon Young’s wounds and his hatred for her.

The next morning, Ma Gang Suk finds that Sun Woo has gone missing. Remembering her statement during the counseling session where she expressed her desire to disappear, he starts worrying and calls Kim Yoon Gi (Lee Moo Suk). Kim Yoon Gi rushes to find Sun Woo while Tae Oh who overheard him talking about Sun Woo follows him.

Meanwhile, Ji Sun Woo distractedly looks at the sea with distraught eyes and walks towards it. A painful memory from the past flashes through her mind.

The World Of The Married

Parallels with the past

In the flashback, a young teenage Ji Sun Woo is at the funeral of her mother. She overhears people gossiping that her father was having an affair and therefore, her mother committed suicide.

Then, someone remarks, “How can a parent and leave their child alone”. Images of Joon Young appears and this wakes up Ji Sun Woo from her dazed state. In the meantime, Kim Yoon Gi discovers Ji Sun Woo and rescues her from being swept away by the waves.

With overwhelming emotions, Ji Sun Woo cries in Kim Yoon Gi’s arms while Lee Tae Oh watches from the distance with a confused mind.

Yeo Da Kyung exposes her true self

Yeo Da Kyung organises a close dinner event inviting the Cha family. As they were about to leave for the dinner, she tells Joon Young that they are now a true family.

However, these words were proven wrong quite fast. As the adults were gathered together, Da Kyung hears her infant daughter, Jenny crying. She rushes quickly to find Jenny alone with Joon Young.

The World Of The Married

Doubting that Joon Young must have done something to Jenny, Da Kyung bursts into anger saying that she has endured and done so much for him, yet he acts like that. Feeling wronged, Lee Joon Young also yells back stating that he had not done anything. However, he was left shocked, when Lee Tae Oh slaps him on the cheek.

Realizing that his mother was the only one who truly cared, he answers her phone call and asks her to pick him up. After hearing the crying voice of her son, Ji Sun Woo rushes to get him.

Confrontation and revelations

Seeing Ji Sun Woo showing up at her door, Yeo Da Kyung tries to shove her away and tries to stop Lee Joon Young from leaving. She accuses Sun Woo of being obsessed and ruining everything. Da Kyung further claims that she was the one who brought every time to normal.

Replying back, Sun Woo states that Da Kyung is obsessed with Joon Young not because she cares, but because she does not want her perfect world to crumble. She further adds that she understands why Da Kyung is doing it because she was in the similar state too.

Ji Sun Woo then goes on to reveal that she and Lee Tae Oh had slept together.

Episode Afterthoughts

Finally, Ji Sun Woo who has had done questionable things now realizes her mistakes after losing everything. From now onward, the next steps she takes will be for Joon Young.

On the other hand, Lee Tae Oh have not changed and is still the same person that he was two years ago. As for Da Kyung, she finds herself in the same state that Ji Sun Woo was in the past.

Only two more episodes to go until this series end, but which way the story will go is still uncertain.

The World Of The Married airs every Friday and Saturday at 10.50 PM KST via jTBC.

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