“The World Of The Married” Records Highest First Episode Ratings For A jTBC Drama

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The audiences have validated the drama about a poisoned marriage and the revenge that follows.

jTBC has been releasing a lot of dramas with quality content and interesting narratives. This has also been clearly reflected in their viewership ratings as the dramas from the network continue to break records.

The World Of The Married

The latest entry to this list is The World Of The Married, which is based on the popular BBC TV Series Doctor Foster. The drama had surpassed 6% viewership ratings in its first broadcast.

According to Nielsen Korea reports released on March 28,  the first episode of jTBC’s The World Of The Married, which was broadcast on March 27, recorded viewership ratings of 6.3% nationwide and 6.8% in the metropolitan area. This achievement is notable because it is the highest broadcast rating for the first episode among jTBC dramas of all time.

The World Of The Married stars Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon as the main couple in the story, who believed in love but their marriage falls apart due to whirlwind of betrayals. This ensues the love between the two to transform into hate.

Kim Hee Ae plays Ji Sun Woo, a family doctor who is very successful in her career and also leads a happy life. However, it all turns out to be an illusion when she discovers her husband’s treachery. Park Hae Joon plays the role of  the husband Lee Tae Oh, who loves his wife but falls into a swamp due to unforeseen circumstances.

The drama revolves around Sun Woo’s revenge, and it further delves deeper into the essence of love and the nature of relationships.

The World Of The Married airs every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 pm KST on jTBC.

Source: TV Report

Images and Video Credit: jTBC