“The World Of The Married” Achieves The Highest Ratings In Cable Drama History + A Sequence Of Betrayals In Episodes 11 & 12

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Since its premiere, The World of the Married has been making huge jumps in viewership ratings and now finally, reigns at the top.

Another badge of new records and achievements has been attained for jTBC’s infidelity themed drama, The World of the Married.

Recently, the drama garnered the highest viewership ratings for a jTBC drama as well as for a cable drama. With this, it surpassed the previous record set by the hit drama SKY Castle, which was also aired on the same network in 2019.

The World Of The Married

According to Nielsen Korea, the 12th episode of the drama, which was aired on May 2, recorded a rating of around 24.3% nationwide and 26.7% in the metropolitan area. The previous record was 23.8% from the last episode of SKY Castle.

The drama had a strong start with 6.3% viewership rating which is the highest for a premiere episode among all jTBC dramas. With its fast paced, engrossing and unpredictable plot, the drama has been garnering huge jumps in for each episode and has also been the most talked about topic among all entertainment programs.

The World of the Married

The World of the Married is a remake of the popular BBC series Dr. Foster which narrates the story of broken relationships and its consequences. Actors Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon play the roles of the main couple, Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh, who had been living a perfect life but are faced with chaos after a secret affair gets revealed.

The World Of The Married

Key events from Episodes 11 & 12

More unexpected events occured in the latest episodes as the viewers got to see that broken marriages have irreversible after-effects which affects not only the couple but their closed ones.

The World of the Married

Women always have it harder be it because of their choice to get divorced or stay single. Adding to the hardships is the hypocritical society who relish on someone else’s misery. Moreover, no matter how hard they try, the children cannot escape from the judgmental looks of other people.

Mystery accident, suspects and its resolution

Continuing from where it ended in episode 10, it was revealed that Park In Gyu (Lee Hak Joo) died after falling from the roof. Suspicions rose against both Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh due to Sun Woo’s muffler found at the accident site and Tae Oh being the last person who had spoken to Park In Gyu.

A dazed and flustered Min Hyun Soo (Shim Eun Woo) called Sun Woo and recounted that Tae Oh came to the station furiously looking for Park In Gyu and then went to the roof after him. Putting her trust in Sun Woo, she handed her Tae Oh’s wedding ring that he had dropped on the day of the accident.

Yeo Byung Gyu (Lee Geung Young) interfered using his influence and got the CCTV camera videos removed. On a getting a whim of Byung Gyu’s conspiracy to corner her, Sun Woo tried to strike a deal with him so that neither she nor Tae Oh are framed for the murder.

Meanwhile, after Min Hyun Soo’s testimony to the police, Lee Tae Oh got into trouble. However, Sun Woo came to save him using the ring that Hyun Soo had given for safekeeping as an alibi for Tae Oh.

Rich women gossips, baseless rumours and Lee Joon Young

The mysterious accident became the talk of the town, more so because someone noticed that the police went to Sun Woo for inquiry. Afterward, some women who had a lot of idle time had let their imagination run free and craft wild scenarios.

With the gossip about Sun Woo’s connection to the man who died, rumours started that she was having an affair with that man and might have also killed him. Spreading like wildfire, the rumours also reached the ears of Lee Joon Young (Jeon Jin Seo).

Perturbed by the rumours along with a little brainwashing from Yeo Da Kyung (Han So Hee), Lee Joon Young believes that moving to his father’s place would make life easier for his mother. He leaves Sun Woo and starts ignoring her. As for Sun Woo, she starts thinking that her son might be happier with his new family and makes plans to leave the town for good.

Once a cheater, always a cheater

The biggest plot twist came at the end of episode 12, which made viewers lose their minds. Holding an equal weight as the dining room scene in episode six, it was an unexpected moment when Sun Woo and Tae Oh broke into a passionate kiss and spent the night together.

With this, the positions of Ji Sun Woo and Yeo Da Kyung is now reversed. Da Kyung seems to already have her suspicions that her husband is incapable of staying loyal after having discovered his other phone where he keeps tabs on Sun Woo and his other lies as well. It is only a matter of time when she goes through the same pain that Sun Woo went through.

The World of the Married

As for Sun Woo, it is not clear what she wants exactly but rest assured, the upcoming episodes are going to be really nasty as the last round of this fight begins.

The World of the Married airs every Friday and Saturday at 10.50 p.m. KST.

Source: The Korea Times

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