Key Moments In Episode 6 of “Touch Your Heart”

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We got a couple of admissions – one is about personal feelings while the other is guilt about a crime.

Touch Your Heart episode 6 takes us to the conclusion of the murder trial. A trip to Im Yun Hee’s house, not only leads to finding out the true culprit, but also affirms Yoon Seo’s concern for Jung Rok.

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Yoon Seo embarrasses herself once again in front of Jung Rok. She thought he is asking about her feelings for him, but it turns out he is asking if she likes to have roasted pork belly for dinner. While eating, she questions Jung Rok’s dating experience. She ribs him for not having enough knowledge about women despite his intelligence. Jung Rok counters with a question of his own regarding her dating history.

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연고커플만 모르는 연애중저번엔 곱창인데 오늘은 삼겹살이다(╹౪╹*๑).tvN<진심이 닿다> 매주 수목 밤 9시 30분 방송#tvN #수목드라마 #진심이닿다 #이동욱 #유인나

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She brags about having enough and that she hosted a dating show on her prime. She even tells him to look it up if he does not believe her. Jung Rok does just that and reads out loud that the article says she has been single since birth and that she reads relationship books in order to give advices. Yoon Seo, annoyed at Jung Rok for harping on that information, shoves food in his mouth to shut him up.


The next morning, Jung Rok sits in Joon Kyu’s office, with the latter asking him if he found a way to counterattack. Jung Rok tells that he has not. Joon Kyu proceeds to guilt trip him once more by saying he took a loan to establish the law firm and if they lose the case, the firm will take a hard blow. Jung Rok assures him that he is confident in winning and someone has already told him so.

Jung Rok orders Yoon Seo to go home and he will stay as he still has a lot of work to do. Her phone rings and Hyuk Joon is on the other line. Jung Rok can hear their conversation and snaps to attention when Yoon Seo calls Hyuk Joon “oppa”. She ends the conversation and says goodbye to Jung Rok.

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Jung Rok surprises Yoon Seo as he steps in the elevator. He tells her he has decided to go home and works on things tomorrow. He says that as a lawyer he must set an example by following the 52-hour work week mandated by law.  The elevator stops, and it scares Yoon Seo. Jung Rok calmly presses the emergency button and informs the maintenance guy of their situation. Hyuk Joon calls her to ask what’s keeping her and she informs him that she is stuck in the elevator with Jung Rok.

Yoon Seo sticks herself to the corner, unable to move and Jung Rok adds to her anxiety by stating facts about elevator accidents and deaths. The lights go out and Yoon Seo can’t help but scream. She panics and calls for Jung Rok. He rushes to her side and asks if she is okay. That moment the lights flicker and eventually go back on, and both are flustered to see their proximity. A few seconds pass, and the elevator door opens. Jung Rok lets go of Yoon Seo and tells the maintenance guy they are both alright.

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Hyuk Joon runs to Yoon Seo the moment he sees her. He holds her hands and asks if she is fine as Jung Rok stands and witnesses their interaction. Hyuk Joon scolds Yoon Seo for working late and confronts Jung Rok. He chastises Jung Rok for making Yoon Seo work overtime hours when she is not even a regular employee. Yoon Seo apologizes to Jung Rok and drags Hyuk Joon away.

Outside, she reprimands Hyuk Joon for telling off Jung Rok. Hyuk Joon realizes that Yoon Seo is serious and committed to the role this time and he vows to support her all the way. At home. Jung Rok can’t seem to take off his mind on Yoon Seo’s “oppa”.

The next day, Yoon Seo greets him and asks if he wants coffee. Jung Rok, still feeling annoyed, declines and reminds Yoon Seo that her “boyfriend” just criticized him for overworking her. Yoon Seo immediately tells him Hyuk Joon is not her boyfriend but a cousin.

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After hearing that information, Jung Rok lightens up and accepts the coffee that Yoon Seo offers. In the pantry, Joon Kyu and Secretary Yang are talking about the “couple” that was trapped in the elevator last night. Rumor has it that the couple was kissing, and the maintenance man described the couple as a tall guy with round eyes and a woman who has an actress-like look. Yoon Seo, feeling guilty, turns her back and about to leave when Secretary Yang calls her.

She becomes defensive and immediately tells Joon Kyu and Secretary Yang that it was not them. The two laugh and say they know because it is a common knowledge they hate each other. They call her out because she is about to leave without her coffee.


Jung Rok looks over the photos from the crime scene and something bothers him. He tells Yoon Seo that he needs to go to the suspect’s house to verify something. Yoon Seo wants to come along and the two of them go to Im Yun Hee’s house. He explains to her some of the police findings and as they are about to enter a room, someone hits Jung Rok in the head and that person runs away. Shocked at seeing blood oozing from the back of his head, Yoon Seo cries and worries over him. He tells her to call the police as he chases after the guy.

He is able to apprehend the man and the police arrest him. Yoon Seo cries once again upon seeing Jung Rok and insists he must go to the hospital, but he refuses and urges her to go home. He calls a cab for her and he goes to the precinct to give a statement. At the police station, he learns that the man, Park Su Myeong, is a local resident and a member of the neighborhood patrol. According to the police, Su Myeong thinks they are thieves, which is why he attacked Jung Rok.

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Jung Rok talks to Su Myeong but he tells her that Im Yun Hee told him not to say anything. Before Jung Rok can more about his meaning, Yeo Reum arrives. He drops the charges and the police lets Park Su Myeong go. He calls Mr. Lee to find more information about Park Su Myeong, and Yeo Reum does the same.

Jung Rok is startled to see Yoon Seo standing beside his car. She tells him that she asked the driver to turn around as she can’t go home because she is worried about him. She forces him to go to the hospital and has himself checked. The doctor assures both of them that Jung Rok is okay with only a minor concussion. Yoon Seo expresses her relief. Jung Rok drives her home and she makes him promise not to think about work and rest. She insists on doing a pinky promise in assurance he will keep his word.


Jung Rok feels that Park Su Myeong is vital in the Im Yun Hee case, so he instructs Mr. Lee to dig more information and to talk to people who knows him. He visits Im Yun Hee and asks if she knows Su Myeong. She admits knowing him, but they are not close. Jung Rok senses that Im Yun Hee is hiding something and he needs to find it out. Yeo Reum dismisses Park Su Myeong as the witness because it will affect their argument.

On the day of the trial, he talks to Mr. Lee to convince Su Myeong to attend the trial. Yoon Seo volunteers to go with Mr. Lee and says she will try to talk to Su Myeong. Jung Rok agrees but requests her not to attend the trial as there will be more reporters present due to the case getting more attention.

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Yoon Seo talks to Su Myeong and appeals to his emotions. She tells him that it hurts her when he hits Jung Rok because he is someone he likes. She knows that Su Myeong does not want to see Im Yun Hee getting hurt as well because he likes her.

Jung Rok cross-examines the crime scene investigator who analyzed the blood spatter. After casting doubt on the investigator’s statement, Mr. Lee and Su Myeong enter the court. Jung Rok requests for Su Myeong to take the stand because he could be a witness or a suspect.

Jung Rok asks Su Myeong basic questions at first and then focuses on his wounded thumb. He then questions him directly about the person who stabbed Im Yun Hee’s husband. The suspect shouts at Su Myeong not to say a word and the court guard reaches out to prevent her from going to Su Myeong. Seeing that the guard holds Im Yun Hee, Su Myeong blurts out that he stabbed her husband because he keeps on hitting her.


After revealing the truth behind the murder, Joon Kyu and the rest of the employees of Always law firm rejoice about the outcome. They give Jung Rok a warm welcome as soon as he arrives, and Joon Kyu plans for a company dinner. Jung Rok declines and tells them he is tired.

At the end of the day, Jung Rok invites Yoon Seo to have a drink with him. Yoon Seo senses that Jung Rok is not entirely happy about his victory and he confirms it. He feels sad about going against his friend Yeo Reum and that he can understand Park Su Myeong and Im Yun Hee’s reasons for doing what they did. He also thanks her for believing in him and for worrying about him. She asks for the reason why he declined the company dinner invitation and Jung Rok tells her he wants to drink alone with her.

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윤서 코트에 손 넣으며 고백하는 모태솔록..손만 잡아도 이렇게 설레는데(❛◡❛)✿ 엄맘마.tvN<진심이 닿다> 매주 수목 밤 9시 30분 방송#tvN #수목드라마 #진심이닿다 #이동욱 #유인나

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On their way to Yoon Seo’s house, she grumbles about the cold and suddenly laughs. Jung Rok asks her why she is laughing, and she tells him she recalls the time when he tells her to put her hands in her pocket to keep it warm but made a mistake and put her hand inside his instead. Jung Rok grabs her hand and put it in his pocket and tells her he is concerned just as much as she is with him and as she consoles her, he wants to do the same for her too.


Touch Your Heart episode 6 took on a serious tone as the person behind the death of Im Yun Hee’s husband is revealed. The prosecution painted her as a money-grabbing woman who lets herself in abusive relationships, so she could collect insurance money. The scene where Su Myeong cries and pleads the guard not to hurt her is so touching that I can sympathize with Jung Rok not feeling happy about his win.

Jung Rok has shown various emotions in this episode. We saw him getting jealous and feel relief after Yoon Seo clarifies her relationship with Hyuk Joon. Yoon Seo’s concern and faith in him also moved Jung Rok.

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As for Yeon Seo, it is clear most of her life references are from her experiences doing dramas and movies. She even acknowledges them herself saying that her sense of reality is obscured. It is one of the things I love about Yoon Seo. She appears spoiled and she is childish, but she knows herself. She knows her faults and her strengths, and she is not ashamed of showing it.

It looks like next week will have more heart-flutters based on the upcoming preview and I just can’t wait!

Touch Your Heart airs on tvN and tvN Asia.