K-Drama Premiere: “Chicago Typewriter” Amazes With A Labyrinth Of Cryptic Plot & Vintage Narrative

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To date, Chicago Typewriter has dropped four episodes of a quick-paced, snappily edited amusing story.

Here’s a quick peek on the latest tvN drama Chicago Typewriter – of the time warp and mysteries that it offers:
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After opening in a dusky vibe, Chicago Typewriter unveiled answers to the vague premise from its premiere week.

The magical typewriter

The drama stars Yoo Ah In, who plays the role of an aloof best-selling novelist, Han Se Ju. After a fan-meet in Chicago (US), he chanced upon an old typewriter that registered a strange connection with him.  It turned out to be a haunted object and was sent to him by the cafe owner from America.  A cheerful errand girl named Jeon Seol (played by Im Soo Jung) delivered the package to his house, and was excited to meet the famed scribbler whom she is an avid fan of.


Her expectations met reality though, as the prickly author kept doubting her intentions.  She decided to forget the last 10 years of being a loyal fan girl, and went to seek refuge in the mountains.  Just as bizarre dreams started happening to Han Se Ju, a career slump hit him, rendering him unable to write.


Go Kyung Pyo, who plays the role of Yoo Jin Oh, is the man who beats the writing deadline for Han Se Ju in a mystical way.  The production team of Chicago Typewriter is still furtive about it. But if we are threading on how a literal ghost is ghost-writing for a famous novelist, that will make the narrative all the more interesting.

The interesting plot development


Through the showering of information on the pilot episodes, the succeeding chapters bounced back to give a charming introduction of the main characters.  It lightens up the mood by showing delightful moments capped by keen humor.


The dejavus and whimsical visions of the lead couple are presenting the time transition of the storyline. It connects the relationship of the past and present characters, making the chronicle more intriguing. With looming romance and mysteries to unravel, your weekend will be well-spent tuning to this spectacle.


Catch Chicago Typewriter on tvN every Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.


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