tvN Drama Stage’s Fourth Episode “My Uncle is Audrey Hepburn” To Focus On The Story About Finding True Family

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The upcoming episode of tvN’s Drama Stage will touch upon a topic that is not often tread upon.

tvN Drama Stage 2020 is a series of short dramas of different genres, showcasing varied stories with challenging and colorful materials. The fourth episode of the series My Uncle is Audrey Hepburn is based on a transgender person and the people around him. The drama focuses on the loneliness that people feel and the importance of solidarity and family.

The drama tells the story of Jun Ho (Kim Woo Suk) who is a lonely teenager and his transgender uncle (Choi Seung Yeon). After his father’s gambling situation, 17-year-old Jun Ho becomes homeless. His uncle who is addressed as Audrey then becomes his new guardian. Though he dislikes his uncle, Jun Ho moves to his house. After living together, their lives gradually change. The two people who have always lived alone start relying on each other and give warm comfort to each other.

Throwing further light into the story, Audrey’s home, also known as Audrey House, is home to many other minorities. These people are uncomfortable with their families and neighbors, but the Audrey House family understands and cares about each other. My Uncle Is Audrey Hepburn shows the value of solidarity and what true family actually means as it visits through various relationships.

Talking about the drama, Shim Bo Young, the writer of My Uncle is Audrey Hepburn, said, “I hope there is a safe haven for all the lonely people. I wish we could be someone like that.”

Directed by Kim Sae Byeol , tvN’s My Uncle is Audrey Hepburn will broadcast at 11 pm KST on December 18.

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