Jang Na Ra, Lee Sang Yoon, & Lee Chung Ah Lead First Table Read For SBS Drama “VIP”

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Passionate synergy is evident on the first script read-through of VIP.

Set for airing date on October 7, Jang Na Ra and Lee Sang Yoon top-bill VIP, a drama that will revolve around stories of department store workers.

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Rounding up the main cast are Lee Chung Ah, Kwak Sun Young, Shin Jae Ha, Pyo Ye Jin, Jung Joon Won and Lee Jae Won.

Managing the team that manages the top 1% VIP customers, the office melodrama kickstarts the new broadcast programming strategy set by SBS this October.

The released SBS photos of the first table-read happened at Paju City in Gyeonggi province. Headed by Director Lee Jung Rim, the cast and crew had an eventful meeting as they prep up to complete the picture of a thrilling story. Bursting with laughter, a cheerful gathering lasted for five hours as the actors familiarized themselves with their roles.


Marking an indelible portrayal at her recent drama, The Last Empress, Jang Na Ra makes her second SBS project with VIP. She is set to portray Deputy Team Manager Na Jung Sun of Nebula department store. Her character has free access to untold stories of the elite people the department store services. Meanwhile, Lee Sang Yoon portrays her husband Park Seong Jun, a VIP Team Leader who is deemed a perfect man.

Expressing the mood as the hippest woman in the district, Lee Chung Ah channels her latest character Lee Hyun Ah. Kwak Sun Young brings life to Song Min Ah, a working mom who often bickers to Lee’s character. Taking the role of Lee Byung Hun, Lee Jae Won portrays the role of Kwak’s husband who cares little about the world.

Playing the VIP Team maknae is Pyo Ye Jin who showed her lovely charm while Jung Joon Won appeals with his role as PR Team manager Cha Jin Ho.

Relaying the passion of the actors, the production team remarked confidence on the actors set to give life to the VIP team. They further encourage support for the drama.

SBS new drama VIP will air on October 7.

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Image Credit: SBS