What To Look Forward In This Week’s Premiere Of “Love Alarm 2”

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After one year and six months of waiting, Love Alarm 2 is ready to ring and touch our hearts again!

Due for premiere on March 12 via Netflix, Love Alarm 2 will be gracing the screens with new level of tension between the characters, series of unexpected twists and a whole lot of loving.

Love Alarm 2

Based on a popular webtoon written by Chon Kye-young, Love Alarm is a drama set in an alternate world, where people can find love easily through a mobile application. The app alerts its users when someone within a 10-meter radius has interest in them.

Starring young and bright actors Kim So Hyun, Jung Ga Ram and Song Kang, the series quickly became one of the most well-loved K-dramas on Netflix.

Hailed as the first Korean original series ordered by the same platform, Love Alarm received an overwhelming response from viewers due to its unique and enticing concept.

Love Alarm 2

Love Alarm 2

While the first season focused on the story between Kim Jojo (Kim So Hyun), Hwang Sun Oh (Song Kang) and Lee Hye Young (Jung Ga Ram), and how they discover and evaluate their feelings in a world where people’s love lives revolve mainly in an app, the second season explores the depths and consequences of this modernized and revolutionized concept of love and dating.

Notably, the second installment of the series takes place four years later after the massive expansion of the app. Called as Love Alarm 2.0, the updated app now provides users a list of people they will like and people who will like them in the future. This makes it more impossible to hide one’s feelings towards another person.

As we eagerly await for the series to finally answer the questions it left hanging in the first season, let us take a look at what we know so far and the reasons we should anticipate the drama.


Love Alarm became highly-known as a drama set in a high school background. While it tackled mostly about dealing with infatuation and young romance, the second season will primarily circle around their maturity. 

As the teasers hinted, the new drama will now display the main characters as adults after having graduated from high school at the end of the first season.

Love Alarm 2 will not only show how the leads will now handle their problems when it comes to love, but also their personal and family issues. 

As shown in the first season, Kim Jojo, Hwang Sun Oh and Lee Hye Young have their own share of pains brought by their complicated past, which led to their present struggles in life.

Jojo and Sun Oh nearly faced death due to their parents’ careless actions, while Hye Young grew up without a father. Despite these, they remained strong and steadfast.

Viewers can definitely look forward and relate to the growth and development that the leads will demonstrate throughout the whole drama.


The drama’s second season will certainly exhibit a much more cogent vibe when it comes to young people pursuing their hearts’ desires.

Now that they’re grown-ups, the main leads now have to deal with their unresolved conflicts thoroughly, which makes the love triangle even more convincing and irresistible to watch.

The tension between the leads now grow as Jojo faces the question of whom she will choose between her two love interests. The issue now became more harder to resolve with the introduction of the shield as well as the precious friendship between Hye Yeong and Sun Oh.

The actors’ superb and applaudable acting will also surely add flavor to the drama as it progresses towards its climax. Moreover, Kim So Hyun, Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram exhibit a one-of-a-kind chemistry that makes every scene they are in heart-fluttering and compelling.

Whether it may be a lovely or a intense crying moment, these three actors will surely take your breath away with their formidable skills in displaying the right emotions for each scene.

Spectators will most likely go for an emotional roller coaster ride brought by this powerful yet incredibly charming love triangle.


Introduced in the first season as a mighty function to prevent oneself from getting hurt, the shield definitely stole the spotlight due to the unique effect it brings.


Specifically installed only for Jojo’s usage, this tool prevents her to ring someone else’s Love Alarm. Moreover, only the developer has the ability to remove the said feature.

The first installment showed that Jojo used the shield in order to break up with Sun Oh, convincing him that she has no longer feelings for him. This also allowed Jojo to get the upper-hand on all the decisions she will make in the future, proving that the feature is indeed powerful enough to end connections eventually leading to painful separations.

Moreover, the shield also prevented the female lead from being honest about her feelings. As stated in the first part of the series, Jojo used it in order to prevent herself from ruining Sun Oh’s life any further. While scared and overpowered by her insecurities day by day, she chooses to let Sun Oh go to avoid further experiencing the consequences of their romance.

With the cliffhanger ending of the first season, it is highly likely that Love Alarm 2 will discuss the effects that the shield brings to the whole narrative. Will this shield be continuously beneficial to Jojo and her feelings or would she finally choose to remove it and make a decision on her own?

Viewers can anticipate the important role of the shield into the story and how it will affect the romance between characters.


We can’t deny that this series is also an eye-opener when it comes to discussing the realities of romance in this modern age. 

While apps can instantly create connections with other people, it can also harm us in some ways we could not even imagine. The first season revealed that 23 people aged between 20-30 years old committed suicide altogether in a public park as no one rung their love alarms. This comes as a big blow to the credibility of the application.

Now that the app has become more innovative, people blindly rely more on it to show and confess their feelings to others. Gone are the days of people actually talking to and getting to know each other genuinely. 

Moreover, it poses excessive threat to young people’s mental health and self-esteem. Disguised as a typical teen drama, Love Alarm explores the depths of technology and how it affects one’s upbringing especially when it comes to love. It explores different emotions that the app supposedly wants to simplify.

Love Alarm 2 will bring more light to the dark side of social media through its rich social commentary like in the first season. It will speak to everyone who directly uses SNS and it will give valuable insights that audiences can ponder upon.


A fresh start does not always necessarily mean that all past mysteries will remain unaddressed. 

Surprising viewers, Cheong Duk Gu (Lee Jae-Eung) disappeared after he was heartbroken over Gul Mi’s continuous passiveness over his feelings.

Although it was implied that he allegedly committed suicide, we must keep in mind that the scene was told in Jojo’s perspective. She may have only assumed that he died in the said unfortunate way.

Moreover, Duk Gu’s sudden disappearance also brings consequences to Jojo’s way of finding true answers. If Duk Gu is indeed the developer of Love Alarm, Jojo will never get to deactivate the shield in her app, making it even harder to determine who is the one for her.

The story gets even more confusing with the introduction of Brian Chon in the season 1 finale, who is described as a shy high school boy. Is Duk Gu the real mastermind or did he pass it along after experiencing the negative effects of Love Alarm?

Further, does Duk Gu’s alleged death a hint towards the numerous twists that will happen in the series finale? 

As speculations are rising regarding the series, Love Alarm 2 will increase viewers excitement as it finally unveils what really happened to Duk Gu and why he was not publicly revealed as the app’s real creator.

Catch Love Alarm 2 as it airs on March 12, exclusively via Netflix.

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