Im Soo Hyang Endures Shocking Revelations In “When I Was The Most Beautiful” Episode 12

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Just when everyone is ready to walk away from the painful past and start anew with all that is handed to them by the present, another wave of fiery emotions is about to overflow.

This week’s episode of When I Was The Most Beautiful has a chain of revelations that parade bleak feelings such as obsession, guilt and remorse.

When I was the most beautiful

The dramatic shift of emotions is the powerful driving force of the plot, and it further helps unravel the very nature of each character. With confrontations here and there, the gripping scenes reveal some missing pieces to the broken puzzle about Ye Ji’s past and Jin’s disappearance.

Episode 12 Recap

A Dark Obsession

Brimming with grudge, Carry wreaks havoc in the Seo household ready to drop the ‘ace card’ she holds against Jin. After gatecrashing the property, the uninvited guest unashamedly forces to take Jin with her as if imposing ownership over him. She tells Ye Ji straight to her face that she and Jin were living together while he was hiding after his accident.

When I Was The Most Beautiful

However, Jin slams Carry with the fact that they had been over ages ago. Attempting to persuade his wife, he reasons that his accident left him extremely helpless. He tries to build his defense by stating that he had no choice, but to take the hand that reached out to him.

When I Was The Most Beautiful

As Ye Ji is shocked by the revelation, Sung-gon guides his daughter-in-law away from the scene to calm her down. Hwan, on the other hand, drags Carry towards the door and warns her to never show up again. Outside, Ye Ji and Carry exchange heated words as the latter divulged that Jin’s mother, Yeon-ja, has been knowledgeable all along about her son’s whereabouts and forced him to return to Korea.

A Fiery Confrontation

Right after Carry left, Ye Ji’s emotions explode which initiate a big argument with Jin. She furiously points out how he had been so selfish all the while when he let his wife suffer in miserable loneliness for the past seven years. Add up the fact that he secretly hid with another woman, his ex-girlfriend for that matter. Unable to keep her emotions intact, Ye Ji walks out from their confrontation scene to collect herself.

When I Was The Most Beautiful

Hwan, sympathizing with Ye Ji, tries to interrupt but only aggravates the issue. He expresses his disgust over his brother’s secret past and calls him a scumbag.

Sung-gon goes to speak with his eldest son to clarify things directly from him. After hearing his side of the story, the father instead tells his son that he should have been stronger that time. Rather than biting the bait that was thrown at him by his obsessive ex-girlfriend, he should have thought about his family foremost.

When I Was The Most Beautiful

Not long after she walked out on her husband, Ye Ji returns with a re-fueled anger. Her wrath centers on the relationship he had with Carry while he was in hiding. Jin, on the other hand, plays the victim role. He points out how he was more miserable than she was the past seven years. But Ye Ji dismisses his plea and firmly tells him that she cannot forgive him.

The following day, Yeon-ja was made aware about the mess Carry had done to her family. She insultingly speaks with her in person and warns her to get her hands off Jin. Determined to satisfy her obsession, Carry vows to get her vengeance by using Chairman Bang who has an insidious plan to take over the leadership in their company.

A Relationship Rekindled

Meanwhile, Ye Ji goes to speak with her mother, Go-woon. Her art shop, which is about to open soon is located near the tailoring shop where her mother works as a seamstress. Ye Ji convinces her mother to not quit her job as it gives her peace to know she is just nearby. This is after Go-woon was pressured by Jin to stay away from Ye Ji.

Having mustered the courage to learn about her past, Ye Ji heads to her aunt to seek for the truth about her father’s death. Her cousin, Chan-hee, who is scared of the impending big fight between her mother and Ye Ji, phones Hwan for help. Much to the disappointment of his girlfriend, Amber, Hwan unhesitatingly leaves his work to fetch Ye Ji at her aunt’s house.

A Memory Retrieved

It was later revealed that Ye Ji’s father was physically and mentally abusive of Go-woon. On that fateful night, her father was in the middle of beating his wife. He was intensely paranoid that Go-woon was having an extra-marital affair with a man he knew.

Ye Ji’s instinct to protect her mother forced her to silently break into her parents’ room with a gun which she pointed at her father. However, she lost her grip of it which led to the scuffle between her parents. Each of them desperately wanting to get a hold of the gun. In the process, Go-woon accidentally shot her husband which eventually killed him.

Apparently, Ye Ji experienced an emotional shock which has left her with blank memory about the  incident. But after things have been cleared, she becomes heavily burdened with guilt after realizing that she was the root cause of her mother’s imprisonment. It is even aggravated by the fact that she had treated her mother harshly while she was clueless behind her mother’s reticence.

Jin goes ballistic upon learning that Ye Ji went to see her mother. He selfishly wants his wife to cut off ties with her past. This brings Hwan in huge disagreement with his brother’s thoughtless point of view.

Hwan, instead wants Ye Ji to trace her unhealed wounds and be at peace with her past. He criticizes his brother with the way he tries to control and own Ye Ji. Hwan further brings up the issue on why he gave up the woman he loves, and that was because he had faith that Ye Ji would find happiness with his brother. Sadly, everything that has transpired is too far-off from what Jin had promised.

The Road To A Second Chance

When I was The Most Beautiful

Resolute to win his wife back, Jin intently focuses on his rehab. After spending days in treatment, he is able to successfully stand on his own with the help of a cane.

He bravely sets off to see Ye Ji at her shop hoping to be forgiven by her. However, Ye Ji snaps away as she still feels a lingering anger at him. In an effort to follow her, Jin collapsed helplessly outside his wife’s shop.

When I Was The Most Beautiful

Hwan, who is heading back to the shop with Amber, finds his brother struggling to get up. While he is surprised by Jin’s physical progress, he still feels sorry for the failed efforts of his brother. But Jin is even more determined to try harder.

It seems though that there is more to come as Carry plans to orchestrate something big and ominous ahead. On the opening day of Ye Ji’s shop, Carry sends her a bouquet of flowers. With it is a message asking Ye Ji to have a talk with her. Angered by this gesture, Ye Ji stomps into Carry’s apartment.

When I Was The Most Beautiful

The cliffhanger conveys a looming big fight between the two.

Episode 12 Afterthoughts

This week’s episode has been crucial to the drama’s plot progress. It provided answers to the ambiguous past of the main characters. On Ye Ji’s part for instance, the strained relationship with her mother was properly explained as well as the truth behind her father’s murder.

In addition, the revelation about how Jin managed to live secretly the past seven years has been brought out in the open.

At best, this episode provided a clear-cut description of the characters’ nature. Ye Ji, with all that’s been hammering her simultaneously, from her marital woes to her childhood trauma, is a portrait of a graceful woman under pressure who has gone beyond fragility.

Jin, on the other hand, displayed a controlling and selfish attitude. He is seemingly threatened by anyone who would potentially take Ye Ji’s attention from him. Yet, on his part, he lacked transparency as how a husband should be truthful to his wife at all times. His imposing character hinders a two-way understanding between a married couple.

Although he committed himself in a romantic relationship with Amber, Hwan still has his unwavering affection for Ye Ji. His presence was even more relevant at this point with the way he provided emotional support for her, something his brother lacked.

On another note, I don’t feel comfortable that he is just using Amber to get over Ye Ji. I, in fact, like Amber’s charming and sunny disposition.

Moreover, Carry epitomizes obsession and desperation. Without any regard to living a dignified life, she is ready to wage war with anyone that would cut her tie with Jin. The woman just refuses to give up.

When I Was The Most Beautiful surely has tension-filled scenes in the upcoming episodes. It’s just getting more and more interesting as the series approaches its end.



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