TV Chosun’s Newest Historical Drama “Wind, Clouds and Rain” Reveals Main Poster & Teasers

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Wind, Clouds and Rain unmasks its official main poster and individual teaser photos.

Piquing one’s historical-fanatic heart; Wind, Clouds and Rain blends power, greed and romance with a fantasy kick worth the try.

Wind Clouds and Rain

TV Chosun’s upcoming drama Wind, Clouds and Rain follows the struggles of kingmakers towards the battle of throne. It acquaints and revolves around themes of mythology and psychometry. Rising from the age of scientific civilization, a mysterious realm opens to whoever takes the crown.

The poster shows Park Shi Hoo and Ko Sung Hee as they sorrowful gaze towards each others hinting their afflicted fates. Showing visible chemistry, the sight of Choi Cheon Jung and Lee Bong Ryeon gives a mesmerizing first look.

The roseate misty background of the poster which completely contradicts their intense demeanor sparks interest of what the story heads to.

Main Characters

Park Shi Hoo (Lovely Horribly, Babel) plays the role of Choi Cheon Jung, Joseon Dynasty’s best martial artist and physiognomist.

Wind Clouds and Rain

Joining him is actress Ko Sung Hee of My Holo Love, who plays the role of Princess Lee Bong Ryeon, daughter of King Cheoljong. Despite governing such beauty and power, she anchors romantic feelings towards only one person throughout her life. For her, possessing refined beauty and mysterious spiritual power comes with a price.

Wind Clouds and Rain

Directed by Yoon Sang Ho (Different Dreams, Saimdang’s Light Diary) anticipation to Wind, Clouds and Rain increases. The same degree of how Park Shi Hoo and Ko Sung Hee’s beautiful and mournful romance unfold.

Summed up with 24 episodes, the series will air every Sunday exclusively on TV Chosun.

Wind and Clouds and Rain will premiere on May 17 at 10:50 PM KST.

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Image & Video Credit To: TV Chosun

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