Yoon Kyun Sang To Teach Students In Newest OCN Drama

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Yoon Kyun Sang is gearing up for his next drama Mr. Fixed Term.

On March 25, the actor confirmed through his management, Popeye Entertainment, that he will be the lead in the upcoming OCN drama Class f Lies. In the drama, he will be portraying a teacher who is the hero of his teenage students.

Popeye Entertainment

Popeye Entertainment

Yoon Kyun Sang agreed on the drama because of its story. It is about the reality of how teenagers get off easily on the crimes they commit because of their ages.

The actor will play the role of a lawyer with a high success rate for his cases. However, due to an unfortunate incident, his character falls from grace. In order to regain his honor, he decides to become a fixed-term teacher first in a high school.

Popeye Entertainment

Popeye Entertainment

As a teacher, his primary goal was to clear his name, however as he spends more time as a teacher, he realizes the injustices that teenagers face. His character learns about various juvenile crimes that the students commit. Eventually, he becomes the voice for the weak and bullied students who are unable to fight for themselves.

Yoon Kyun Sang’s character is central in the story and will bring the characters close to the hearts of the viewers. The drama aims to emphasize humanistic perspective of students.

The actor previously starred in Clean With Passion For Now with co-star Kim Yoo Jung. In the drama, he played a germophobic CEO who falls in love with his employee; who is his exact opposite.

Class of Lies is slated for a July release on OCN.




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