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6 Reasons Why iKON Is The Best Debut Icon

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iPhone, iPad … and from now on, Kpop fans can officially acknowledge another new noun of i into their dictionary – iKON.

A new YG boy group consisting of B.I, Bobby, Kim Jinhwan, Koo Junhoe, Song Yunhyeong, Kim Donghyuk and Jung Chanwoo, iKON didn’t have an easy start like any other Kpop artist or group, as the boys were put as a group in a reality survival program Who Is Next: Win, competing against another group of fellow trainees. They eventually lost and the winning group successfully debuted as WINNER last year.

Supporters know that this would be a long wait for iKON’s official debut, until news of their confirmed Korean debut date, album and concert were announced through YG Entertainment website last month. They are now also getting ready for their Japanese debut.

As part of Korea Joa 2015 schedule, we were granted access to iKON’s debut concert, and after watching the entire concert, we felt that iKON is the best Kpop debut icon so far, and here’re why:


1. Official Debut

After a long wait, iKON finally held their first debut concert titled SHOWTIME successfully at Olympic Stadium. This, itself, is already a considerable milestone, especially during the concert, their seniors made guest appearance and even mentioned that they had been worrying about iKON’s future unnecessarily!



2. Sold out concert

During the concert, the iKON boys expressed their surprise at the turnout as the tickets for the debut concert were all sold out! With over 10,000 fans in attendance, this may be one of the best debut concert turnouts ever.



3. Artistic Effects

If you had attended iKON’s debut concert, you might undeniably admit that the artistic effects of the concert were spectacular; glitters, changing spotlights, pyro flames, pyrotechnics, theatrical smoke and fog, and bubbles. All attendees were also given a light-changing bracelet to be worn at the wrist upon entering the stadium. All the bracelets were synchronized by remote control to emit the same color of light at the each time.  Yet in the midst of all, you might forget that this entire production was only a debut concert.



4. Guests’ Appearance

Hip-hop icons Epik High and Jinusean turned up to support at iKON’s debut concert and performed some of their songs together with the boys, creating some craziness among the fans. The two heavyweights also gave their strong approval to the boys, and even revealed that they had been worrying about iKON’s future unnecessarily.


5. Fans’ Safety

It is unusual, but iKON’s debut concert was actually put on hold for more than 30 minutes during halfway through. The concert director and iKON decided to pause the concert when they realized that there were some safety measures needed to put in place for the fans. Fans at the mosh pit were requested to move backward in order to allow each other to have some breathing space as they were squeezing each other to the front in order to see the boys closer. Furthermore, the heat from the pyro flames were quite intense, so fans could really feel the heat as well. The ground staff were also handing out bottles of drinking water to fans so that they could hydrate themselves. At first, fans were so reluctant to do so because they wanted to see the boys closer. But fellow fans from the upper floors turned out to clap and cheer for them for doing so.


6. Special Fans’ Event

iKON Fan Union actually prepared a surprise event for iKON and their debut concert beforehand with a piece of slogon “많이 그리웠어” (trans: “(we) missed (you) a lot”). The cue was when iKON members were preparing for the encore, everyone would hold the slogan up all together. It was an incredibly touching act, and for the boys to witness the tough love that fans have for them.



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Korea Joa 2015 is participated by Adrian Cheng and Sng Yunting

Cover photograph by Adrian Cheng, Technical assistance provided by Phan Seckvoon

All un-watermarked photos are from official source – YG Entertainment.

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