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One-day Attempt To Be A K-pop Star, Run Into Actor Kim Soo Ro At SM’s Celebrity Shop

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On the day 6 of Korea Joa 2016, we took up the challenge to be trained like a K-pop star, seriously, with dance and vocal training classes in a day.

When we reached SMTOWN Coex Artium, a thorough tour of the 6-storey building was given to us. The highest floor is the 6th floor – an exhibition gallery where fans’ arts of the SM artists are displayed neatly on the wall.

At the 5th floor, there is a theatre where we had the chance to sit in to watch special surrounding view of EXO’s concert. It is actually an excellent alternative option if you can’t get to see EXO in person.

The 4th floor has a SUM market and SUM cafe, where fans can buy sealed food products in their favorite idols’ packaging. There is also a photo-shoot studio where the SM artists would have their photos taken there.

The 3rd floor provides visitors a chance to relive music video filming set. It is not the exact location of the filming set, but still it has the similar backdrop.

We also checked out the recording studio – the same one which Baekhyun used to record the track Beautiful for the web drama ‘EXO NEXT DOOR’.

At 2nd floor, this is where SM Entertainment’s fans would love: SUM, the celebrity store.

The store sells a wide range of artists’ products, like tote bags, cups, albums, magnets, stickers, note books, cosmetics and many more.

We had a pleasant surprise when we ran into actor Kim Soo Ro there! He was spotted browsing the merchandise with the assistance of a staff.

After a tour of the floors, we headed to the next best part of the day – dance and vocal lessons.


We were taught how to dance to Dancing King, a song by Yoo Jae Suk and EXO.

If you think dancing is easy, watch the video for our firsthand experience:

As we were about to leave COEX artium, the people on the above floors were blocked from using the escalator to go down as there was filming going on at the floor below.

We were later told by the SMTOWN’s staff that EXO members were filming there. Coincidentally, it was also the same day of the hot debut stage for EXO’s first sub-unit EXO-CBX at the front of the Artium.

Darn, we almost ran into Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin too, if only.

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Organized by KOFICE (Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange), Korea Joa 2016 is participated by Sharon Phan and Rachel Lee.

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