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Dabit Revealed His Special Talent – And It has To Do With Raindrops

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David Kim, most commonly known as Dabit, was previously a trainee of boy group 24K under Choeun Entertainment. He has since left the group shortly after debut and now, he is a solo singer-songwriter.

Recently, as part of the Korea Joa 2015, we were privileged to be able to meet Dabit in Seoul for an exclusive opportunity to interview him.

Just like most fans, we wondered why he didn’t use his real name David Kim but Dabit instead, so we asked him. He also told us what the biggest difference is being in a group and a soloist. He further shared his future direction of music he wants to do, his acting experience, and upcoming Europe fan tour. Yet, the most interesting highlight of this interview was when Dabit revealed his talent, and it has to do with raindrops.

Lastly, the idol revealed why he did many song covers and how he sees himself in the next 10 years.

Watch the full interview:


This interview is specially coordinated by Freya Bigg from United Kpop for Korea Joa 2015.
Interview by Adrian Cheng, Seckvoon and Yunting
Video edit: Seckvoon

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