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Gangnam K-pop Festival 2015 – Donghae And Eunhyuk’s Last Performance Before Enlistment

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As part of Korea Joa 2015, we were at Gangnam from 7.30pm on Sunday night October 4. It was indeed a star-studded night. Full of fireworks, confetti, pumped-up performances, flag-waving foreign fans, flashing camera lights. Fans started queuing hours before just to catch a glimpse of their idols, some for the very last time in a long time.


Opening the act for the night was none other than Super Junior M’s Zhoumi, who in his red tuxedo, was all ready to paint the town red. As Zhoumi was already doing acting in dramas, actively promoting as a singer, and also was doing some emceeing work, MC Leeteuk was curious about the other new fields he wanted to try out next. Zhoumin said he wanted to work on his emceeing skills. As a Chinese who has to emcee in Korean, he said it was exceptionally stressful mentally, so he wanted to continue working on it. However, Leeteuk allayed his worries by praising his excellent Korean, and we are sure the fans agree that he has worked hard in all that he did. Zhoumi finished the opening act with his singles “Why” and “Rewind”.


Up next, Henry the musical genius did not fail to once again amaze everyone with his violin and piano, singing and dancing.  When asked by MC Leeteuk why he had so many fans, and to reveal what secret weapon he wielded, Henry replied that he honestly did not know. Well, the fans did! Leeteuk asked if it was because Henry was handsome, but was met with relative silence. However, when asked if Henry was cute, the fans reacted. Also, it was revealed that Henry was picked as the Top 5 ranked male artists whom audiences thought were good at cooking traditional festive food. He was very pleased, but confessed that aside from the everyday fare, he could not exactly cook very well. He then went on to complement Leeteuk on the cute bangs the latter was sporting. With such good sense, it is no wonder that this multi-talented musician, who greeted the crowd in Chinese, Korean, English, Thai and Cantonese, has won the heart of so many. He performed his singles “Fantastic, “ Bad Girl” and “Trap”.


Next up, it was time up for some SM girl power! Red Velvet immediately brought smiles to all the male fans waiting with their cameras held high, bringing the house down with “Ice Cream Cake”, “Something Kinda Crazy”, “Huff and Puff” and “Dumb Dumb”. When asked by MC Leeteuk how they felt about being the rose among the thorns and also being the youngest group there that night, they replied that they were very honoured to be sharing the stage with so many seniors. MC Leeteuk asked each member to share what they felt they were in charge of – Joy,“femininity”; Yerin, “vitality”, Seulgi, “Charisma”, Irene (inaudible) and Wendy, “English and straightforward reactions”.20151003_DAY5_250

After Red Velvet, Donghae and Eunhyuk aka the EunHae couple wrapped up their last performances before enlisting in the army. Performing songs “Oppa Oppa”, “Chok Chok Dance” and “Growing Pains”, the duo shared the stage for the last time before they return from the army. Although their enlistment is drawing close, the two good friends seemed to be in high spirits throughout their last performance before they bid fans goodbye for two years. Leeteuk cheekily asked the fans which one of the two was the better looking, and then replied: “I’ll pretend I did not hear the answer”. Also, Leeteuk decided to test the depth of their friendship by asking them to spill secrets about each other. However, Eunhyuk replied that since they were both very close, there was no secret to be spilled, but he wanted to let everyone know that he won Donghae at a bowling match the last night. In the same fashion, Donghae insisted that he won again. As both are soon enlisting in the army, fans can expect the D&E duo to continue being close friends who will see each other through the tough times in the army, and can look forward to many more collaborations between the duo in future!


Super Junior’s Yesung, who was passing by Gangnam like a regular commoner from his drama filming, shared the stage for a short while to give his well-wishers to Donghae and Eunhyuk. Also, he wished them good health, and thanked the fans for being supportive of them.  Then, after his short appearance, Yesung slinked off the stage. However, as the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts, him dropping by to show support surely was a great source of support and comfort to the duo. Also, Leeteuk recalled how he also wrapped up his schedule with the Gangnam Festival before going off to the army, and wished the boys the best of luck and cheered them on.

EXO was then greeted with growls from their fans as they opened their act with “Growl”.  In response to Leeteuk’s question on why EXO received so much love from the fans, Suho said that the reason was because they were amazing, while Baekhyun felt that it was because they worked hard on stage. Indeed, the members are currently working on preparations for their upcoming concert on the 10th of October. To give fans a little does of what else might be coming their way, the boys treated fans to “Call Me Baby”, “Lucky”, “Love Me Right”, “Exodus”  before bidding fans goodbye.


Gangnam Festival might have already ended, but the Gangnam Grand Sale is now on from 1st – 15th October. So for those of you who did not manage to go down to the concert, you can head down to Gangnam for some serious shopping, or to experience the Great Korean Beer Festival happening from the 8th – 11th of October. If you are stuck at home and are not able to make a trip to Korea just yet, you can always come when the festival takes place again next year. See you there then!


Organized by KOFICE, Korea Joa 2015 is participated by Adrian Cheng and Sng Yunting

Photo credits: Adrian Cheng, Technical assistance: Phan Seckvoon

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