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Exploring Busan International Film Festival 2015 (BIFF)

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Korea Joa 2015 moved on to day two.

On day two, it was a gloomy rainy day in South Korea; from Seoul to Busan. With the wet weather in Autumn, the mercury dipped slightly lower across Korea. After the buffet breakfast in Ritz Carlton Hotel, we set off to Busan on limousine bus at about 9am. Along the way, we had a stopover along the freeway for lunch.

Finally after a long arduous journey of more than 400 km, we reached Busan at about 4.30pm, which was slightly off the original schedule. This was probably due to the rain that slowed us down along the journey. We checked in at ibis budget Ambassador Busan Haeundae Hotel, which is actually a very nice and sweet accommodation at an affordable price suitable for all types of travellers. KOFICE wanted to get us a better accommodation, but due to Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), all better ones nearer to the venue were taken up as early as one month ago. Nevertheless, we were all very happy with ibis Hotel, because the hotel is generally very clean, stylish and tidy. Most importantly, it is just a stone’s throw away from the Haeundae Beach.

Sea view from hotel

Sea view from hotel

Due to the next schedule of BIFF opening site sketch at Busan Cinema Center BIFF Theater, we had to assemble at 5pm again in a quick rush. Upon arriving, our coordinators passed the tickets to us and we got ourselves seated for the arrival of the guests. Due to the rain, the organizer had also prepared disposable raincoats and towels for all who were presented at the red carpet event.


It was the first time experience for almost all of us in team Korea Joa, and the feeling to be there was simply indescribable. We witnessed the arrivals of many Korean celebrities, including international actors and actresses from all around the world. I noticed there was also a drone flying around, capturing the event. Across the road, the number of onlookers swelled despite the rain, with a row of policemen forming a barricade facing them. I thought the ones whom everyone should really give credit to were the policemen. The policemen were standing vigilantly all out soaked in the rain, ensuring control and order.


Now, this is really interesting but probably funny observation. Throughout the event just right behind our row, there were some Korean fan girls, who were really screaming out their lungs, with just these three words and nothing else – “Handsome”, “Beautiful”, and “이쁘다”. We thought that was amusing.

Finally, after a long period of about two hours of arrivals, all invited celebrities were in and the red carpet was closed at around 7pm. As there were only two tickets given for our Korea Joa team, our coordinators chose two members (from HanCinema and Hangul Celluloid) to go since they specialized in drama and film segmentss. For this, we will share the story after they have finalized the report. For the rest of us, we then headed to Centum City for our dinner, before returning to the hotel for our well-deserved rest.


Korea Joa 2015 Day 1: The Beginning

Korea Joa 2015 Day 2: A Sneak Peek Before Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)

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Korea Joa 2015 is participated by Adrian Cheng and Sng Yunting

Photographer: Adrian Cheng, Technical assistant: Phan Seckvoon

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