3 Chinese Women Unrecognizable After Plastic Surgery; Detained At South Korea Immigration

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They were unidentifiable at the Korea immigration.

On October 8, a photo post on Weibo shared by Chinese TV anchor Jian Huahua went viral, showing three unnamed Chinese women with their bandaged swollen faces at an airport in South Korea.

According to Apple Daily, Jian captioned that these women were detained and questioned by the immigration after they could not be identified from their passport photos.

The presenter further added that, “Even your own mother would not recognize you.”

The post in question has since been removed for unknown reasons. While many netizens found the picture “cute”, others were more critical.

One netizen thought “they look so scary”. Another commented, “Why can’t you just love yourself the way you are?”

Up to this day, the identities of these three Chinese women remain shrouded in mystery.

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