A Large, Mysterious Balloon Crashed Into Haeundae Beach; Police, Military And Intelligence Activated

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Balloon threat is serious.

According to Busan regional firefighting authority on Saturday, an unknown large balloon was found at the Haeundae beach in Busan.

At about 9.20am, a duty lifeguard at the Haeundae beach first spotted the mysterious balloon in the air, before making its maiden crash into the sea at about 25 minutes later. It continued its voyage, drifting right toward Dongbak Island.

After the firefighting authority received the alert from the lifeguard, it requested the Busan Coast Guard to retrieve the balloon.

The balloon, measured at about 3-metre long and 1-metre wide, was found to be installed with an undetonated timer, which is typically used to explode it after setting a certain time.

The firefighting authority said such balloon is usually used to carry propaganda leaflets from North Korea to South Korea. However, there was no leaflet found in the balloon that crashed into Haeundae.

Meanwhile, the police, military, and National Intelligence Service (NIS), are probing if the mission of the balloon has any relationship with North Korea.

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