Seoul Tourism Foundation Announces Discover Seoul Pass Free & Discounted Partnerships’ Expansion

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Starting October, Discover Seoul Pass will feature 100 affiliated tourist perks and facilities.

Since 2016, Discover Seoul Pass has been aiding foreign travelers in exploring the beauty of South Korea’s capital and outskirt cities. An all-in-one pass to popular tourist destinations, it also functions ad a public transportation card that can be topped up while traveling in the country.

Discover Seoul Pass

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Covering transportation and tickets to famous landmarks, Discover Seoul Pass (DSP) treats you to over 30 attractions with free admissions and special discount benefits that would make your Korea trip more memorable.

Increasing to a significant amount, 40 additional facilities offering free and markdown benefits to tourist such as representative tourist attractions, Lotte World and E-Land Cruise will be included. Additionally, partnerships in telecommunications companies and duty free shops will also be added.

The pass will also launch an insurance service, a first and well-intended feature that is definitely a good news for the foreign tourists.

Moreover, Seoul Tourism Organization will also broaden target areas in the existing coverage of DSP Seoul Plus Edition. This pass not only includes Seoul attractions, but also Gyeonggi and Incheon area landmarks.

Discover Seoul Pass

In December, unlimited use of the Seoul Subway will also vamp up DSP. Hence, DSP-users can navigate through the city, reaching more places even more.

Lee Jae Sung, CEO of the Seoul Tourism Foundation, said, “With more than 100 affiliated tourist facilities added to the Discover Seoul Pass, we have laid the foundation for visitors to enjoy not only Seoul’s major tourist attractions but also experiences at once.”

He promised contribution to enhancing satisfaction and returning visits with Seoul’s tourism one-stop solution pass through win-win partnerships.

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Image Credit: Seoul Tourism Foundation | DSP

Discover Seoul Pass

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