K-Travel: Discover Seoul Pass Lets You Immerse In Korean Culture On Affordable Budget

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Food budget and transportation fare to the starting point of Seoul’s hop-on bus are what you only need for a whole day of gratifying Korean cultural immersion.

With your Discover Seoul Pass, you can avail of the Seoul Sightseeing Double Decker Bus (SSDDB) for 24 hours. It will take you to key city points where you can alight and ride again to your planned destination.

From Dongdaemun Plaza subway (L1, L4) station, take exit 8 and walk straight until you reach Doota Mall. From there, across the street you can easily spot the bus stop. Present your DSP to the nearby ticketing counter for the wristband to board the bus.

See the traditional culture route via Discover Seoul Pass‘ official website here.

Since you will be taking the hop-on bus, be mindful of the bus schedule, because you will use it to go to other places nearby. Alternatively, if you miss the bus, you may opt to take the subway, bus, cab, or even walk since most of the places covered in this Korean culture route are near to each other.

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Discover Seoul Pass

(Gyeongbokgung Palace, Autumn 2018)

Pick your palace battles

Visiting Seoul’s grand palaces in one full day is a viable option. You may also split your palace courses, and chip in other destinations along the way to make use of two full days marveling in the aesthetics of Seoul grand palaces, which has been preserved diligently to its exquisite refinement.

Deoksugung-Gyeongbokgung Route

Alight on bus stop 101 and walk towards Deoksugung Palace where you can easily spot from the SSDDB stop. In autumn, the palace’ stoned wall decorated with vibrant ginkgo trees is a comforting scenery.

From Deoksugung Palace, you can head to Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art nearby, for a glimpse of Korea’s cutting-edge artistic works.

(Gyeongbokgung, Autumn 2018)

Tongin market is within your reach so you can grab some food before you head to Gyeongbokgung Palace.

The biggest and most splendid among Seoul’s grand palaces, Gyeongbokgung’s stunning landscape lets you commune with nature through its scenic tree lines in different seasons. It also houses two museums; National Folk Museum and National Palace Museum, so a half-day tour is needed for visitors to appreciate its elegance and features.

If you have worked on your time well and can finish touring Gyeongbokgung Palace before 3pm, then stretch it to nearby UNESCO World Heritage site, Jongmyo Shrine, to pay respect to Joseon dynasty’s most important place.

The shrine shelters the spirit tablets of deceased kings and queens of Joseon era. Take note that Jongmyo shrine visit requires guided tours. See details here.

Changdeokgung-Changgyeonggung Route

In lieu of the tour above, you can also take the Changdeokgung-Changgyeonggung route. Ride the same Seoul Sightseeing Doubledecker bus and alight at bus stop 101. Follow the signs to Changdeokgung Palace.

The only UNESCO World Heritage site among the grand palaces, Changdeokgung is well-known for how the building structures are in harmony to the palace’s natural landscape.

From there, you can walk to Changgyeonggung Palace. You may include a visit to National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Museum Kimchikan, and Insadong street to spice up your itinerary.

(Changdeokgung, Autumn 2018)

Note that for these suggested DIY day tours, you may opt to take the mode of transportation you prefer such as taxi, subway and regular bus.

Also, you can cap off the night with a visit to night market in the vicinity such as Namdaemun market and Gwangjang market to munch on the amazing selections of street food.

Stay tuned for more K-travel stories and tips! For tour and packages, you can find amazing treats on KKday.

Hellokpop extends gratitude to Seoul Tourism Organization for letting us experience the amazing features of Discover Seoul Pass.

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