Discover Seoul Pass To Offer Unlimited Subway Access To Foreigners

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Foreign travelers can soon enjoy limitless subway use with Discover Seoul Pass.

On August 29, Seoul Metro announced that Discover Seoul Pass (DSP) will have an additional feature. Apart from free and discounted rates on popular tourist attractions, foreigners visiting Korea can use the pass for unlimited subway rides.

Discover Seoul Pass

“The pass will allow foreign visitors to use the subway for an unlimited number of times for one day or for three days at a time, before it expires,” according to the Seoul Metro’s statement.

It also added that the pass with the unlimited ride feature will be released in December. It will be available for purchase in physical card and digital format, though the price has not been divulged yet.

Discover Seoul Pass

The current Discover Seoul Passes are available in 24, 48 and 72-hour variations. The passes are priced at KRW 39,900 (24Hr), KRW 55,000 (48Hr) and KRW 70,000 (72Hr). The Discover Seoul Pass grants tourists free access to more than 30 popular attractions. It also offers various discounts for performances and at duty free shops.

Moreover, DSP also functions as a transportation card for buses, taxis and subways. Users can charge the amount (cash) through subway stations and convenience stores.

In its statement, Seoul Metro mentioned that the upgraded DSP will allow foreign visitors to utilize the unlimited subway ride function on Line 1 through 9.

“We decided to add this function to the pass because 83.2% of the 507 foreigners surveyed in December last year said they would like an unlimited metro pass.”

The enhanced Discover Seoul Pass, offered only to foreigners, will be available for purchase online. It can also be obtained through KEB Hana Bank branches and CU convenience stores. Tourists may also buy at Incheon International Airport and at Myeongdong Tourist Information Center.

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Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Image Source: Seoul Tourism Foundation | DSP