Foreign Workers Hit 1 Million In South Korea; Most Come From China And Vietnam

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Would you want to be part of the one million foreign working population too?

According to official data released by Statistics Korea on Friday, active working foreigners has reached to the one million mark for the first time in South Korea. This figure represents about 3.6 percent of “economically active” population in the country, which refers to residents who are 16 and above seeking employment or employed.

In 2015, the foreign population was at 986,000. This year, it has seen nearly 2 percent increase to reach 1,005,000.

The statistics reveal the foreign population breakdown into various industries, mostly of unskilled labour; 45.5 percent in mining or manufacturing, 19.7 percent in retail, wholesale or restaurant businesses and 19.4 percent who own their own businesses or work in public services.

For the monthly income, majority of the foreign workers was earning lesser than the monthly average of the country – 3.4 million won. 48.7 percent of the population earned between 1 and 2 million won. 37.9 percent earned between 2 and 3 million won, and only 8.9 percent earned more than 3 million won.

Most of the foreign workers come from Asia. 45.9 percent are ethnic Koreans from China. 7.4 percent are Vietnamese, followed by 6.6 percent who are Chinese.

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