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Are you an art lover contemplating a holiday in Korea? This is for you.

As part of Wow PyeongChang fam trip, our accommodation in Gangneung was designated to be at Haslla Art World. Initially, I could not really picture what type of hotel this would be. As far as general consumers like me know, hotels are classified by their star ratings that rank their amenities and services accordingly. So I thought this could be a gimmick by the hotel with an unusual name to grab attention. That was before I was effectively sucked into its art world.

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Haslla Art World is a visually jaw-dropping hotel that stands out from others. According to the hotel website, it is “designed to provide spaces where art and human can be united into one, expanding beyond the arts’ limit by experiencing, touching, watching, hearing and smelling out the arts.”

A couple sculpture in front of Haslla Art World

With its name “Haslla” derived from Gangneung of the Shilla Era, it occupies a large area of 61 acres facing the East Sea with no lack of sea view. More than a classy hotel, it is also an art museum that houses enormous collections of contemporary artworks and paintings with sculptures scattered around. Visitors can find artworks just everywhere, be it interior or exterior of the hotel, blending art and hospitality for a whole new fascinating accommodation experience.

The hotel houses an Art Garden, which consists of the Pine Tree Garden, Time Hall, Wetlands, Field Garden, Sea Garden and Fun Garden. These gardens are full of artworks. A full tour is said to take at least an hour and 30 minutes to two hours and 30 minutes. Can you imagine how many photos you would have taken by the end of the garden tour not including the hotel building?

In addition, the hotel also offers Haslla Art Museum School experience programs, which visitors can book various activities pre-arrival such as marionette doll-making, wood art program, general art program, brain development program and specialty programs. If you are interested, remember to send in your enquiry and make reservation with the hotel before arrival date.

When we reached the hotel, the first thing we couldn’t stop doing was taking pictures. Everything, from the exterior to the interior, is a piece of art. Literally surrounded by art, you have entered into a completely different world. (Think K-drama W – Two Worlds)

Before arriving at the hotel, our guide eagerly shared with us that every room we were individually assigned for check-in would be different as they were all designed by different artists. True enough, they are, so off we went around busily checking each other’s distinctive room art design.

Here’s how a room in Haslla Art World looks like:

Even the fine china plates and cups used to serve guests for breakfast also have artworks that you can’t help but admire them.

Breakfast served at Haslla Art World

Coffee cup at Haslla Art World

Be it you are an art lover or not, the aesthetically pleasing hotel caters for everyone who loves beautiful things.

Useful Tip: The new KTX Gyeonggang Line will be opened from 22 December 2017, which means you can travel from Seoul to Gangneung and Pyeongchang in less than two hours. For more information, visit KTO website.

Address: 1441, Yulgong-ro, Gangdong-myeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 강릉시 강동면 율곡로 1441 (강동면)

How To Get There: Haslla Art World website

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This article is presented for 2017 Wow PyeongChang fam trip, invited by Korean Tourism Organization (KTO). Special thanks to KTO staff Miss Lim Nam Hee, Miss Jinny Kim and Miss Jenny Oh.

Reporting by Adrian Cheng

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