Korea’s fight against child abuse through a powerful ad

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Photos of  a silhouette advertisement  along the streets of South Korea have gone viral on the internet.

It displays an image of a man holding a bottle ready to strike a defenseless child with the text on top saying, “Child abuse, you can prevent it.” If you are passing by, you might stop and ask how.


“Child abuse,  you can prevent it.” Photo: imgur

When you get closer to inspect the installation, your own shadow will be projected on the advertisement. On your image will also appear the hotline number 112 and the call to “be a child’s hero.”

This advertisement follows the enactment of a stricter South Korean child protection law in September after the rise of child abuse in the country triggered a public debate on whether the government should intervene.

President Park Geun Hye stated earlier this year that, “child abuse is no longer a family matter but obviously a social crime.”

The new law mandates that police and appropriate agencies immediately intervene when a child abuse case is reported to them.”

However, the advertisement also received criticism online for depicting a man as a child abuser. It is true that women can also be the antagonists in this social problem but we all know that the message is clear.

Wherever you are coming from, whether you are a man or a woman,  you too can be a child’s hero. Report and make a call when you witness child abuse.

And for those who are in South Korea, the number to call is 112.

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Ad text translation by: Hyerim Kim

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