Light paintings, art installations illumine “Eternal Light” exhibition of KCC

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Fall in love with “Eternal Light” paintings!

The Korean Cultural Center (KCC) in the Philippines opened its Korean media art exhibition “Eternal Light” on February 9 at KCC Exhibit Hall, Taguig City.

It’s a perfect date! (Photo provided by KCC in the Philippines)

The exhibition features 15 artworks and installation arts of Korean contemporary artist and performer, Mr. Han Ho. Many have called him the successor to world-renown video artist Nam June Paik. Nam is considered to be the founder of video art.

In ‘Eternal Light’, Han Ho explores the diversity of human emotions, inner conflict, and also hope. As he describes, he creates tiny holes in his paintings to let the light pass through.

eternal light han ho exhibit

The result of this repetitive process creates a new form of art in his paintings. “I put all the areas of the visual arts, such as painting, media, installation and videos into one space to make an amalgamation of them,” said Han Ho.

KCC Director Oh Choong-Suk said that he felt excited to introduce this new medium of Korean art to the Filipinos.

This is the first time for KCC to hold an art exhibition that uses light as a tool. I have great anticipation that this event will succeed in informing the public of Korea’s media and visual art,” he explained.

During the exhibit opening, Han Ho did a performance, where he produced a series of light reflections from different people. He calls his performance art “Light Human.”

The ‘Eternal Light’ exhibition will run until April 28, 2017 at the KCC Exhibition Hall. Admission is free.

For more information, contact (02) 555-1711 or email [email protected]

The ‘Eternal Light’ exhibition is organized by the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines.

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