PyeongChang Korail Pass For Unlimited Train Travel – Available Exclusively For Foreigners Only!

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Korean railroad operator KORAIL has joined in the PyeongChang fever in making history for the coming first biggest winter sports events in the country.

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With the partnership between KORAIL and Korea Tourism Organization, a special PyeongChang Korail Pass, exclusively for foreign visitors, will go on sale from October 10 to December 10, with the objective to commemorate PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

PyeongChang Korail Pass is a special transportation pass that gives foreign visitors the exclusive access to travel within South Korea, including Pyeongchang, Gangneung and Jeongseon. It is available for those who enter Korea after August 1, 2017, in two different types; the 5-day pass and 7-day pass. they can be utilized for unlimited entries on all Korail trains only in this period from February 1 to March 25, 2018. The two passes are distinguished further for different user groups; adult (26 years and over), youth (13-25 years old, or international student identify card holder), child (4-12 years old) and saver (Groups of 2-5 people with same itinerary).

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Apart from the unlimited use on all Korail trains, the holder of the PyeongChang Korail Pass is also entitled to special free and discounted deals with various local operators and retails, for example, T-money card, 10% discount on AREX luggage storage and transfer service.

For all information of the PyeongChang Korail Pass, please click here to download the leaflet. For all FAQs, visit KORAIL website here.

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