10 Mind-blowing Twitter Fan Theories About BTS’ “Fake Love”

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The BTS ARMY shows they’ve got serious detective skills as they try to conceptualize theories and uncover the concept behind BTS’ upcoming music video “Fake Love”!

Only one day’s left before BTS makes their much-awaited comeback and we’re not joking when we say that the hype for it is way too real!

On May 18, the group is set to drop the music video of “Fake Love” which is the first track to be released from their upcoming third full-length album Love Yourself: Tear.

We didn’t know it was possible, but the anticipation for the music video got even higher recently, thanks to BigHit Entertainment dropping the two teasers for the music video.

BTS is known for having a story line when it comes to their music video concepts, and fans had always made an attempt to decode them.

Despite the week being a busy one for the ARMYs around the world due to the voting period for the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, the fans still found time to try and make the puzzle pieces fit together by coming up with various theories.

In fact, let me tell you that there’s a lot of these theories on Twitter, and they always prove to be an interesting read.

bts fake love teaser

Screengrab from BigHit Entertainment

Just in case you’ve already lost track of them, we’ve compiled some of the most mind-blowing theories ARMYs had made on Twitter that will surely leave you #JungShookt:

1. Let’s start with perhaps the most popular and most comprehensive theory which says that everything was a lie:

This theory was originally conceptualized by user @loveis5353 in Korean and was translated to English by @hopekidoki. The translated thread has garnered over 21,000 retweets as of May 17, and almost everyone in the fandom seems to agree to this theory. It talks about how the objects we see the BTS boys bringing as a representation of their “fears” and the objects they receive in exchange are supposed to be embodying their “happiness” in the form of memories.

These memories which we saw in BTS’ former highlight reel, however, all turns out to be fake and a product of imagination.

We suggest you read the entire thread – because it’s really a thorough analysis that will surely leave you #shookt after.

2. Jungkook the Golden Maknae as the Boy in Omelas

The Bangtan boys love referencing to literary pieces in their tracks and music videos – so it’s not a surprise that fans have been connecting the classic story of Omelas to the concept behind “Fake Love”.

The story recounts that of a child who is locked up in the basement of a town called Omelas and has to suffer on his own as a sacrifice made in exchange for the entire town’s happiness.

In the story, it is said that if someone even attempts to help this boy escape this doomed, painful life they had given him, the “paradise” that is Omelas will disappear.

In the theories, Jungkook is this boy – whose sacrifice is made in exchange for his hyungs’ happiness.

3. The connection between Seokjin and Jungkook:

In connection with the Omelas theory, a number of fans have also voiced out how they think the eldest hyung was the one who sacrificed Jungkook.

Remember the end card in the “Euphoria” video which asks, “Hyung, is that all?

Is there something else you are hiding from us?” – that could be a question Jungkook had asked Jin.

4. Is Taehyung the mastermind?

Alright – it may have been Seokjin who put Jungkook in misery, but there might have been someone else behind it.

A lot of speculations have emerged saying that Jin was only a puppet, and the charismatic V is the actual evil mastermind.

It makes sense why the comeback trailer for the group’s upcoming third album Love Yourself: Tear is “Singularity” then, which is V’s solo track.

5. We’re even analyzing props now, yo.

We’re really set on examining each and every detail there is that we have – no matter how big or small they are.

Take for example, the coat hangers that V danced with in the music video for “Singularity” which makes a reappearance on the teaser for “Fake Love”.

However, the coat hangers are now left barren in a disarrayed room which Jungkook stumbles upon.

6. …and we’re also digging up documents that could belong to a real researcher’s review of related literature

What’s a claim without proof to back it, right? Yes, we’re going as far as searching the World Wide Web for other literary references – for example, the Magic Shop which was mentioned in the intro card for the first “Fake Love” teaser.

7. Don’t forget the lyrics, too!

Of course, we’ll have to look into BTS’ own lyrics of their songs because where else would it connect, right?

Here are the lyrics from Jungkook’s solo song “Begin”, which is talking about wanting to take away the pain of someone.

Who else could those “someone”s be other than his hyungs, right? Right?

8. The significance of this character’s reappearance

We’re sure that this man in a black hood is important in the story – I mean, he even traces back to the Fire era!

Why is he reappearing in the teasers for “Fake Love” though?

Is he mad at Yoongi for setting him on fire which has now motivated him to seek revenge on the boys?

9. The Wizard of Oz Parallelism

Besides the story of Omelas, this ARMY also points out how Jungkook seemed to pop out of nowhere in the second teaser for “Fake Love” holds a similarity to Dorothy finding herself in the land of Oz.

10. Or maybe, you know, we’re just overthinking things

Somewhere out there, Bang PD or anyone else who knows about the entire concept for Love Yourself: Tear is probably just laughing at us as we try to grasp what we can from the 20-second teasers they’ve been giving us.

It’s okay though, we’ve come to terms with the fact that sometimes we’re really just booboo the fools for the boys.

Have you read any interesting fan theories about “Fake Love” and Love Yourself: Tear? Or maybe you have one of your own too? Do share it with us!


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