#SunshineHobiDay: 18 Times BTS’ J-Hope Lit Up Our Days With His Presence

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He’s your hope, you’re his hope – he’s none other than BTS’ J-Hope who brightens up our day with his mere presence every time!

February has been replaced and turned into Hobiuary in every ARMYs’ calendar in celebration of a very special day in the fandom.

What is it, you ask? It is none other than the day the universe was blessed with the presence of someone whose laugh and smile can make even the darkest days turn bright – BTS’ J-Hope!

The multi-talented happy virus of BTS is celebrating his birthday on February 18. Besides sending him his favourite hamburger and Sprite on his special day, we have compiled 18 tweets featuring J-Hope’s warm presence which brightens up our days without fail:

Photo from Naver x Dispatch

His incredible presence on stage

It’s no secret that J-Hope’s dancing skills leave us all amazed when he gets up on stage. Seeing him bust his moves makes us smile so much, especially since it shows just how much he loves dancing every time he gets in sync with the beat of every song.

One word: irreplaceable.

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Other than showing off his majestic dance moves, J-Hope also takes his time on stage to be the most adorable person ever.

His frequent display of love for fans

His cuteness doesn’t stop on stage though – because he has proven in the past that no matter where he is, he will continue being the happy pill we all know him to be. Just look at how he literally said “I’m your hope” during an interview at their United Nations General Assembly guesting – and we’re sure you’d agree.

But hey, J-Hope saying that was totally for all the fans out there – just like how this video of him at a concert was too! We always gush at how much Hobi loves his fans and would do anything and everything for them to express his gratitude and share his love.

Who said talents stop at just being able to sing, rap, or dance? J-Hope’s skill at making the cutest sound effects every now and then is definitely something we consider as an ultimate ability to the plethora of things that this multi-talented idol can do. Don’t you think his sound effects are the best, too?

His laugh and smile

Of course, here comes the best and 100% no-fail trick to brighten up your day, no matter how dull it seems – listening to J-Hope’s contagious laugh.

Even his fellow BTS members have acknowledged how iconic his laugh is – just look at this episode from Run BTS as the evidence.

His random cute moments

Speaking of Run BTS, we are utterly blessed to have this show from the group – and one of the reasons for that is we get to have our weekly dose of “happy pill” moments from J-Hope. He manages to make us smile, grin, or even roll on the floor laughing the moment he appears on the screen.

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This precious baby boy also gives us so many golden moments during his V Live broadcasts. Remember that broadcast where he tried to figure out what a “bias” is and felt his heart jump when a fan told him that their grandmother’s favourite member is none other than him?

Finally, we’ve reached the most important and heart-warming part of this list. Nothing makes us happier than the fact that behind every laugh and smile from J-Hope is an ARMY who made him be able to do so. We love how we are also the reason for his happiness – as much as he is the reason for ours.

We sure hope that J-Hope will continue shining as bright as the sun does while the days go by. We wish for his smile and his laughter to never disappear, for his happiness is directly connected to ours.

With BTS’ J-Hope’s presence in our lives, we have become extremely happy in whatever we do, and we hope that he gets his own dose of happiness as well.

Happy birthday, J-Hope!

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