2PM releases fifth Japanese single “Masquerade”

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On November 14, 2PM released its fifth Japanese single entitled Masquerade. The group has provided three different editions of the album that vary in content and album jacket.

Limited Edition A costs ¥1800 (approximately $23) which includes the Masquerade CD, special bonus DVD of the original and dance version of the music video, a digipack and a random exclusive 2PM trading card. Limited Edition B will contain the same contents as Limited Edition A, but will have a DVD containing the original music video and behind-the-scenes video, and black album jacket. The regular edition album which costs ¥1200 (approximately $15) will only consist of the Masquerade CD and a random 2PM trading card.

Masquerade is available for purchase through Japan’s Sony Music Shop which can also be accessed through 2PM’s Japan website.

Check out the full album jackets below:

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