2PM’s Wooyoung releases making-of video for ‘Sexy Lady’

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JYP Entertainment‘s own Jang Wooyoung, member of the world renowned group 2PM, recently debuted as a solo artist with his new track, Sexy Lady.

The song and corresponding video has become a hot topic among fans for its catchy beat and impressive vocals shown. Haven’t seen the music video for Sexy Lady yet? Check it out below.

Today, JYP Entertainment released a making-of video for Sexy Lady. The footage shows filming of the music video from alternate camera angles, funny moments of one of the back up dancers breaking the dance platform, wardrobe changes, wire-work practice, footage of Wooyoung’s dance break from the music video, and much more.

Jang Woo Young’s new album, 23,Male,Single, is now available for download on iTunes and the performer is currently undergoing promotions for the new track.

Are you looking forward to part 2?


Video Sources: 2pm, 2pm

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