4Minute Releases Video and Audio Teasers for Ballad Single “Cold Rain”

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Shortly after the announcement of 4Minute’s imminent comeback this February, on January 23, the group dropped a video teaser on its official Youtube channel, as well as an audio teaser through United Cube’s Soundcloud account for the coming ballad title track Cold Rain.

The video teaser is filmed inside a car,while it is raining hard outside, with the camera moving slowly from left to right as the sound of a guitar strumming plays in the background before the angelic voice of 4Minute makes itself heard. Meanwhile, the audio teaser drops a hint about an emotional, yet catchy ballad song.

Cold Rain, which is composed by Son Young Jin, and produced by Jo Sung Ho, is 4Minute’s first ballad title track since the group’s debut in 2009. The song is set to be released on January 26.

Check out the 4Minute’s video teaser and audio teaser for Cold Rain below:


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