“ARMY Made All Of These Possible”: 5 Highlights From BTS’ Beats1 Interview

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BTS sat down on an interview with Beats1 recently to talk about their new album Love Yourself: Answer!

Although it’s safe to say that we love everything BTS, watching them hold nice and intellectual conversations and talk about their music is on a special level of our adoration for them! In their recent interview with Beats1 for Love Yourself: Answer, the boys talked about how the album serves as a conclusion to their Love Yourself series, the story behind “Idol”, and more.

Besides their sincere answers, we also loved the little things we witnessed in the video – like J-Hope’s ever-contagious enthusiasm and the group’s random adorable actions. In fact, here are five of our favorite highlights from BTS’ Beats1 interview:

RM explaining the Love Yourself series

First of all, can we just talk about how King Namjoon did so well in getting BTS’ message across and explaining the concept behind the Love Yourself series and “Idol”? There’s no doubting RM’s charm whenever he speaks – we mean, how can a man make everything sound so smart?

During the interview, Namjoon goes on to explain the concept behind the Love Yourself series, which ran for a period of two and a half years. “We tried to show the emotional development of a young man through love and we tried to send the message that loving yourself is where the true love begins,” he said.

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Screengrab from Beats1

J-Hope the ultimate hype man

Jung Hoseok is BTS’ ultimate – and cutest – hype man ever. That’s it. That’s the article – just kidding! We will forever adore Hoseok’s enthusiasm in every interview, which is why we always look forward to his cute and energetic quips every time. He displayed his “happy virus” side once again in this interview with his reactions which made everyone smile.

The boys’ reactions to their collab with Nicki Minaj

BTS gave the most precious response when they were asked about their reactions when they found out about their collaboration with rapper Nicki Minaj for “Idol”! The boys expressed their joy over the collaboration without even needing words. J-Hope started a round of applause and the entire group followed to show just how happy and excited they were to work with Nicki. “We’re fans of Nicki Minaj, of course!” RM says.

bts beats1 interview love yourself: answer

Screengrab from Beats1

BTS’ excitement over their upcoming world tour

“America! Europe! Japan!” The boys excitedly counted all the places they’d be going to for their Love Yourself world tour – and it shows just how much they’re looking forward to meeting their fans and making them happy with their live performances again! “We’re going on a tour for sixteen cities. We kick off the tour in Seoul, and then North America, Europe, and then Japan,” RM listed – which earned a thumbs up from J-Hope.

“This time especially, we have our first stadium tour in Citi Field,” RM said, which earned excited applause from the rest of the group.

“ARMY made all of these possible”

Nope, nope, we’re not crying! These are just, uhh, sweat from our eyes LOL! Who are we kidding though, RM definitely made our hearts swell when BTS was asked about their thoughts on how it feels to be making history for K-pop.

“Big words are already… it’s like, always good… like “history” and “first K-pop” and “stadium” but more than that, I just want to say, ARMY made all of these possible. That’s true and we must not forget that fact,” he said. Awww, Namjoon!

++BONUS: What was Jikook doing?

We love these random “what are they up to?” moments whenever BTS gets interviewed – and this time, it’s Jimin and Jungkook being extra which makes us ask this.


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