7 BTS Songs You Wouldn’t Want To Miss From Love Yourself Tour In Singapore

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It’s already great to hear these BTS songs from your speakers or your headphones – but just imagine getting to listen to them live.

BTS are definitely singing stars – and we’ve seen that in how “wherever they go, that place becomes a party”. Just like how the lyrics in their song “Airplane Pt.2” says; the fresh beats, relatable and sincere lyrics, and enlivening energy — their wide variety of songs never fail to make us stream their discography with no skips ever being needed.


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These being said, BTS’ songs are definitely, definitely something one should never miss hearing live. That’s why we’re looking forward to the entirety of the group’s ongoing worldwide stadium tour Love Yourself, which had already made its way to nine countries plus three more next year.

The group alternates between three set lists – so while it’s still a surprise on which one they will have for Singaporean ARMYs, there are a few songs we’re sure you wouldn’t want to miss hearing live. Here are seven of our favourites from the tour’s set lists – and some of them might be your choices too! Check out the list below:


The moment you hear the intro of “Idol” is the very moment which signals the start of a BTS concert from the Love Yourself tour. The LSS-inducing beat will surely throw an entire stadium into a fit of screams anticipating for the seven BTS members to finally come up on stage and start making a night to remember for everyone.

The song’s positive vibe is definitely a great kickstarter for any concert – we mean, hearing “I love myself, I love my fans, love my dance, and my what” right from the very first song is enough to set a good mood – “ulsoo johda”, indeed!

The Holy “Trivia” Trinity

RM’s “Trivia: Love”, J-Hope’s “Trivia: Just Dance”, and Suga’s “Trivia: Seesaw” – need we say more?

The rap line’s solo tracks from their latest repackaged album Love Yourself: Answer are three of the songs you’d have to look forward to when you head to Singapore to see them live.

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“Save Me” + “I’m Fine”

The transition between “Save Me” and “I’m Fine” has always received astonished gasps and overflowing appreciation from crowds because of how flawless it goes.

The two songs never fail to amaze everyone with how they serve as perfect paradoxes to each other, as if they’re puzzle pieces meant to match only the other while bearing the polar opposite messages at the same time.

Vocal Line’s Solos

Jimin’s “Serendipity”, V’s “Singularity”, Jungkook’s “Euphoria”, and Jin’s “Epiphany” will surely leave you in awe upon hearing them live with the intense power and emotions that each BTS vocalist invokes while performing.

It’s not a joke when ARMYs say it’s as if the four ate CDs because of how the four vocalists’ live renditions sound just as good as each track’s studio version – or maybe even better. Jimin, V, Jungkook, and Jin’s solo songs will definitely have you exiting the venue after the show with zero doubts about their positions as BTS’ vocalists.

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“Airplane Pt. 2”

You’ve seen BTS’ epic and iconic “Airplane Pt. 2” stage during the latest Mnet Asian Music Awards – now, imagine seeing it live. Yep, including Jungkook’s now-so-popular walk that could tantalize any human being capable of breathing.

“So What”

“So What” is perhaps one of the most fun stages in every BTS concert during the Love Yourself tour. How could it not, when all members look so carefree on stage while performing, sticking to the song’s message of just letting go and having fun without giving a care to what others say. It’s also been tried and tested that “So What” brings out an all-time spike in the seven members’ energy, plus a special mention of the chaotic side of Jin breaking out as if there’s no more tomorrow.

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An ARMY should never miss the chance to hear the ever-iconic “bultaoreune” opening line live. “Fire” is one of the classics that every BTS fan should look forward to because let’s face it – the song never grows old. The boys remain to perform it with so much enthusiasm, right from the rap parts, dance breaks, and energetic vibe. Hey, turn it up, y’all.

BONUS: “Baepsae”

Part of the songs in the alternating setlist is the crowd favourite “Baepsae”, which emanates a very hype and lit vibe from both BTS and the crowd altogether. We’d sell our souls just to scream back baepsae when the boys say “they call me” in the chorus, to be honest.

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