A.C.E Members Jun, Donghun, And Chan Relay The Feelings Of “First Love” In Project Song By Hong Chang Woo

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Jun, Donghun, and Chan proved how extremely talented the vocalists of A.C.E are in their latest endeavour!

A.C.E members Jun, Donghun, and Chan mesmerized the music scene with their mellifluous voices once again through their recent participation in Hong Chang Woo’s collaboration project!

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Unveiled on April 15, the song “First Love” provided warmth to fans as the first song from Hong Chang Woo’s project First Story.

Maximizing the vocal prowess of the three A.C.E members, “First Love” is a ballad whose lyrics expressed the delicate emotions brought by experiencing your first love, which is exciting but also painful at the same time.

These sentimental feelings were perfectly captured by Jun, Donghun, and Chan’s emotive and expressive vocals, revealing their beautiful and powerful musical colours. They also showed how well their voices go along together, as fans already know, with their heavenly blending in the song.

Staying true to how the aim of the collaboration series is to feature vocalists that serve as the best fit for each ballad’s theme, “First Love” really felt like a song made just for the three A.C.E members’ voices.

The project single was written and composed by singer-songwriter Hong Chang Woo with the help of esteemed composer 4th Hitter as well.

Matching the serene mood of “First Love”, its music video showed the boys simply sitting down while singing the ballad track, putting the focus into their warm visuals and wonderfully sweet vocals instead.

Watch the music video for “First Love” by A.C.E’s Jun, Donghun, and Chan below:

Video from 1theK