A.C.E Tops Global iTunes Charts With Their Collaboration Remix “Fav Boyz” With Steve Aoki

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A.C.E proves to be the world’s “Fav Boyz”, topping global iTunes charts following their collaboration remix with Steve Aoki and Thutmose!

A.C.E drew global attention to their track “Fav Boyz”, delivering a fresh new remix with global DJ and producer Steve Aoki and rapper Thutmose. The collaboration dropped on January 8, topping iTunes charts worldwide. The remix with global artists as well as its widespread support illustrates the group’s upward trend in the global music market.


Following the collaboration’s immediate release, the original “Fav Boyz” track placed second on the American iTunes chart. Meanwhile, the remix produced by Steve Aoki featuring Thutmose ranked third. Furthermore, the song also placed first across various global iTunes charts, including in Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, and the Philippines. Additionally, the remix landed in top positions of iTunes charts in Canada, Denmark, Turkey, Mexico, Japan and Russia.

K-Pop’s Front Runner

A.C.E also received immense attention from various worldwide media outlets.

In particular, the site EDM.com which specializes in electronic dance music praised the track. It complimented the trio of remixes Steve Aoki’s production provided, noting that the subtle nuances between them all made the collaboration refreshing. The site also pointed to A.C.E members’ reworked English verses, Thutmose’s hip-hop flair, and Aoki’s instrumentals as eye-catching.

Additionally, Broadway World Music drew attention to the original “Fav Boyz” for landing a position in various media lists for the “Best K-Pop Songs of 2020”. The publication pinpointed A.C.E as leading a “K-pop revolution” through fearless risk-taking and their unapologetic identity.

Teen Vogue appreciated the collaboration for its sci-fi twist, identifying the music video’s cinematic appeal.

Choice, the passionate fandom of A.C.E, illustrated their strong support across SNS platforms. Upon the release of the remix, A.C.E topped the real-time Twitter trending ranks worldwide in countries such as Thailand, France, the United States, Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Mexico, and Malaysia.

As the group proves their distinct musicality and sound, their worldwide demand increases more than ever. A.C.E thus asserts themselves as one of the front runners in the increasingly globalized K-pop industry.

Source: MBN Star

Image and Video Source: Beat Interactive